There are 2 Main Types of Coaches – Which One are You?

July 7, 2023 by
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I think there are two main types of coaches.

On the one hand, you’ve got the athlete who the client wants to emulate. They perform well and look great with their shirt off. They espouse David Goggins and Rogan and say stuff like, “never skip a Monday.” Their greatest leverage with the client is to lead by example, and the client dreams that they one day will contain within them the discipline to do something as good as them.

On the other hand, you’ve got the coach that might be fit as heck, might look great with their shirt off, and might espouse some hard-working IG influencers, but it’s not integral to their brand. Their greatest leverage with their client is to get them to realize that they too, are a flawed human being who is just doing their best.

They willingly expose those flaws to become more relatable to the client, and they encourage the client to take the path that makes the most sense for them. If that path includes a 5AM cold plunge for “dopamine,” cool. But it can also look like going for a walk around the block because they were feeling like shit that day and it’s all they had in them.

If it’s clear that you aim to be the latter and want to learn more about the philosophy that has shaped many stellar coaches over the past 13 years, I highly recommend you enroll in the Invictus University online course or attend an upcoming Coaches Week at our San Diego location. 

In early June, we hosted 10 coaches from around the country for Invictus Coaches Week, some with very limited coaching experience and others with nearly a decade under their belts but entering the phase of how to evolve from just “coaching the whiteboard” to thoughtfully curating dual track class experiences and fostering cultures of customization within their own gym space. Without exception, every one of them walked away having learned something, being inspired, and ready and eager to evolve their coaching skills when they go back home. 

If you are a coach looking to hone the craft of professional health and performance coaching or are a gym owner interested in running a successful and fulfilling fitness business, we want to work with you. 

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