Lean forward in your back squat? Let us help you!

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There may be MANY reasons you’re leaning forward in your squat. Ankle, knee, hip, thoracic spine mobility, etc. We could go on for a while as to the whys. 

Rather than address what specific mobility it might be right now – I want to focus on your POSITIONING with the bar. I think you may just have the bar too high on your neck. Yes, most of us still want to do a high bar back squat. But if the bar is too high on our neck and our mobility isn’t “perfect” – we simply are getting dragged forward by the bar. 

However, I think many athletes can STILL get all of the benefits from a high bar squat – with a MEDIUM BAR bar position. A medium bar position allows us to still stay 100% upright – but – the bar never gets over the front of our foot at any point, which means we won’t have to lean forward! This video explains more but lowering that bar 1-2 inches may be all you need for a more upright squat if you just have average mobility like me! 

How to do a Medium Bar Back Squat

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