28 Divisions, 4 Days: WheelWOD Games 2023 Come to a Close

December 4, 2023 by
Credit: Bruce Williams (Instagram handle @b.a.w_media)
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The 2023 WheelWOD Games just wrapped up its big event in Raleigh, NC, over the weekend, bringing 28 adaptive divisions together to compete under one roof. The event was a preamble to what’s to come during the 2024 season when WheelWOD takes over the end-of-season competition for adaptive athletes. 

Remind me: CrossFit HQ announced major changes to the format of the Games coming next season for age division and adaptive athletes. The respective divisions will each have their own end-of-season events hosted by outside organizations. 

The entire adaptive season, programming, and classifying will be hosted by WheelWOD come 2024, a change that many likely see fit, given the limited number of in-person adaptive divisions the Games has offered in years past. CrossFit introduced adaptive divisions to the Games in 2021 and has always only allowed a handful of the divisions to compete in person. 

  • WheelWOD was established in 2013 by Chris “Stouty” Stoutenburg. He also created the WheelWOD Open, which was his own version of the CrossFit Open, specific to his needs as an athlete. 
  • Stouty’s videos grew in popularity, and other adaptive athletes started to jump in. Fast forward to 2016, and WheelWOD decided to host its first in-person competition. The success is evident in the participation and expanded divisions offered to this day. 
  • The 2023 WheelWOD Games brought together hundreds of athletes, judges, and fans for four days. Athletes competed in a staggering 11 workouts. 
  • 2024 WheelWOD Games details have yet to be released, but WheelWOD leaders have signaled it will be held in September or October. 

Below is a list of the top three athletes in each division

*Some divisions did not have three athletes compete or had none at all. 

Seated 1: Without Hip Function 


1. Jedidiah Snelson

2. Wacey Morrison

3. Brandon Mantz


1. Andrea Wilson

2. Laura Dennison

Seated 2: With Hip Function 


1. Tom Miazga 

2. Michael Egan 

3. Brett Palser


1. Amalia Ortuno Lizano

2. Anne-Marie Willacker

Seated 3: Quadraplegic 


1. Cameron Whittaker 

2. Eric Baker

3. Ricky Bouley

Upper Impairment: 1 point of contact 


1. Victor Hugo Assaf 

2. Steven Walker

3. Johnny Hill


1. Emily Avery

2. Amy Johnson

3. Sabrina Daulaus 

Upper Impairment: 2 points of contact 


1. R.J. Tinsley 

2. Artjom Sandakov


1.Christina Mazzullo

2. Jocelyn Casker

Lower Impairment: 1 point of contact 


1. Anthony Gutierrez 

2. Wietsman Roets

3. Ricardo Allgayer


1. Lauren Farhat 

2. Amy Bream

3. Emily Saler 

Lower Impairment: 2 points of contact 


1. Craig Harrington

2. Drew Selz

3. John-Edward Heath


1. Sarah Rudder

2. Sara Arango

3. Beth Tannatt 

Lower Impairment Minor Men


1. Jeremy Gordon

2. John Jarrett

3. Matthew Smith


1. Bayleigh Hooper 



1. Tom Du Preez


1. Sarah Perry 

2. Kayla Teems

Short Stature  


1. Tim Murray

2. Mikey Witous

3. Blaze Foster


1. Erin Popovich

Neuromuscular: Major


1. Daniel Schmitt

2. Russell Allmandinger 

3. Jeff Livingston


1. Anna Stern

2. Esther Edington

3. Susan Gillson

Neuromuscular: Minor


1. Joshuah Robinson

2. Bryan Nuno


1. Alyssa Kobela 

2. Laura Sall

3. Allison Hansen

Standing Diagnosed   


1. Brett Horchar

2. Jeremy Easley

3. Andres Falco


1. Amber Gordon

Neuromuscular Moderate 


1. George Simonds-Gooding

2. Brad Tomlinson

3. Austin Roth


1. Emily Lund

2. Faith Fordham

3. Patricia Turnmire

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