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Each weekday, the CrossFit industry wakes up to the Morning Chalk Up.

Partner with us to reach influential leaders, elite competitors, gym owners, and everyday CrossFit athletes and help us shape the conversation happening in the CrossFit world.

The Morning Chalk Up is where decision-makers in the industry go to discover the stories that matter. A partnership with us provides:

  • A firm foothold in the CrossFit industry.
  • A publishing platform reaching over a million CrossFit athletes each month.
  • Contact points across social media, podcasts, YouTube, website, and our daily Newsletter.

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Prime placement in the Morning Chalk Up with full headline, image, and up to 700 characters of copy to feature prominently in our daily newsletter.

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The Morning Chalk Up “Things To” section highlights the “Things” CrossFitters need to watch, see, and hear daily. Have your blog, podcast, giveaway, or product featured in this high CTR section of the newsletter.

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Want to know more about the CrossFit audience? We will run a single-question survey for one week and provide answers and data for all responses.


Web Ads
Gain consistent brand awareness across the Morning Chalk Up site with clickable banner ads embedded on our home page and inside stories.

Sponsored Articles
One of the Morning Chalk Up staff writers will work with you to create an article that can help promote upcoming initiatives, highlight sponsored athletes, and build your brand in a highly organic way.


YouTube and Podcast
Become a headline sponsor on the Morning Chalk Up
YouTube channel and Podcast as our team of experts discuss, analyze, and break down the news of the day.

Advertise on the Morning Chalk Up Instagram account, so you put your brand in the palm of over 270,000 CrossFitters.

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