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21.1 Announced With a New Movement for the Open

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. The 2021 Open is here!

In today’s edition:

  • The CrossFit Games Director of Competition, Adrian Bozman, provided more detail on the season with Chase Ingraham.
  • During the Open, DOMS are a given — Meredith Root outlines how to deal with muscle soreness.
  • In Lifting Color encourages the CrossFit community to have “uncomfortable conversations.”
  • And, Adrian Mundwiler’s Workout of the Week.
  • Do you know someone who has done an exceptional job embodying and capturing the essence of the CrossFit community? Find out how you can nominate them for a Morning Chalk Up Community Choice Award.

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“The truth is that it hurts because it’s real. It hurts because it mattered.” - John Green


  • CrossFit Open Workout 21.1 is:
    • For time:
    • 1 wall walk
    • 10 double-unders
    • 3 wall walks
    • 30 double-unders
    • 6 wall walks
    • 60 double-unders
    • 9 wall walks
    • 90 double-unders
    • 15 wall walks
    • 150 double-unders
    • 21 wall walks
    • 210 double-unders
    • Time cap: 15 min.
  • Here is the complete 21.1 workout description and strategy guides.
  • Unofficial Livestream Count: Last night a total of 103,988 people were logged into the Open announcement concurrently, according to our unofficial count. That includes 22.400 on Facebook and 81,488 on YouTube.
  • MUST READ: In the South China Morning Post, Brian Friend reminds readers why the Open is important. Not as a comparison against others, but as a way to make yourself a better athlete and person.
    • Friend: “It’s cool to look back at a profile page and see how I (or any other athlete) have done year after year in the Open. But the far greater value is internal. The feeling of knowing that for one more year I have challenged myself regularly in the gym to prepare myself both physically and mentally for all kinds of challenges both in and out of it.”
  • Born Primitive is celebrating the start of the Open with a massive giveaway. Enter now for a chance to win a $100, $250, or $500 gift card. And, get a $20 gift voucher just for entering.
  • CrossFit Invictus has created a guide for athletes in the Open this year. Download the free “Attacking the CrossFit Open with an Unconquerable Mindset” PDF for tips on how to approach the Open including leaderboarding, how to measure success, mental prep and visualization, workout strategy and more.
  • Austin Maleollo, CrossFit Games veteran and seminar staff member, was named the new Director of US Gym Operations by CrossFit LLC.
  • Sam Briggs, Games veteran and 2013 Fittest Woman, is the newest brand ambassador for vitamin and supplement company, Momentus.
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  CrossFit Director of Competition Adrian Bozman Details New Divisions, Supporting Every Entrant  


CrossFit Director of Competition Adrian Bozman Details New Divisions, Supporting Every Entrant

The 2021 CrossFit Open is the most accessible version yet. There will be multiple options for participants including the Rx, Scaled, Foundations, Adaptive, and Equipment-Free divisions. There are even two new Masters divisions. With so many options, seemingly everyone can take part in the most expansive Open yet.

One big thing: Director of Competition Adrian Bozman joined Chase Ingraham on the “Get With the Programming” podcast recently to discuss his history in CrossFit, circus training, and adding even more options to the CrossFit Open. During the wide-ranging conversation, Bozman explained why there are so many different divisions and how he is so excited now that the “light has been switched back on” after two very strange years.

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  What To Do About Post Open Workout DOMS  


What To Do About Post Open Workout DOMS

If there is one certainty that comes with the Open, it’s that one or all of the workouts are going to steal your lunch money, and in a painful way. There is a simplicity to Open workouts, especially the first one, that allows us to push into a place we don’t visit that often. And man, can it make you sore!

DOMS, or “delayed onset muscle soreness,” is a feeling most CrossFit athletes and gym goers are probably familiar with. It happens one or two (sometimes three) days after a really hard workout or training session and can make even the most simple tasks, like getting out of bed or sitting down on the toilet, particularly uncomfortable and challenging.

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  A More Comfortable CrossFit Community for People of Color Starts With “Uncomfortable Conversations”  

A More Comfortable CrossFit Community for People of Color Starts With “Uncomfortable Conversations”

When Brandon Whittington first walked into a CrossFit gym in 2013 and was the only person of color, he wasn’t all that perturbed. After all, he spent his entire life being “the only black kid,” said Brandon about his New Jersey upbringing.

  • “So walking into a CrossFit gym was sadly comfortable because I was used to growing up being the only person who looked like me so it didn’t feel any different,” he said.

This wasn’t the case for his now wife Jessica Whittington. She grew up in Bloomfield, CT In a “more black environment,” she explained and found CrossFit in 2014 when she was “transitioning from college to being an adult.” Though she loved CrossFit, it felt weird to her that the only other person of color at the gym at the time was Brandon.

  • The community, and the “suffering together” with people cheering her on helped her realize “these are my people,” she said, but she couldn’t help but want more people of color to benefit from what she was experiencing at the gym — empowerment through graining strength as a strong woman, she explained.
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  Adrian Mundwiler's Workout of the Week  

Adrian Mundwiler's Workout of the Week

Every Friday, we’re bringing you an exclusive workout challenge programmed by a CrossFit Games athlete or coach that you can take on at home or the gym. You can post your times or scores in the comment section.

Today’s workout of the week is programmed by Adrian Mundwiler.

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps for Time:
Strict Handstand Push-Ups
Strict Toes to Bar
Rest 5 minutes
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps for Time:
Bench Press (Bodyweight)
Strict Pull-Ups

Home Version Alternatives:
V-Ups instead of Toes to Bar.
DB Floor Press or Deficit Push Ups instead of Bench Press.
Ring Rows instead of Pull-Ups.

Some advice from Adrian: “Go hard and hold on!”

To inquire about submitting an upcoming workout of the week, shoot us a note.



Honor Your Crew With a Community Choice Award

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How 47-Year-Old Darryl Chajon Beat COVID-19 and Is Now Fitter Than Ever

Darryl Chajon didn’t start CrossFit until later in life, but once he did, he was hooked. Then, in March 2020, just as he was preparing for a competition, he came down with extreme fatigue, a cough, and a fever: classic symptoms of COVID-19. His symptoms progressed from mild to life-threatening. He was admitted to the hospital and spent six days alone in the ICU on a ventilator and underwent dialysis when his kidneys began to fail. When he was discharged, taking even just a short walk would leave him exhausted. One year later, he is fitter than ever.



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7/9 - 7/10: Rex Rumble 11 Double Down (Ocala, FL)
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7/16: Buckeye Games Individuals/Masters (Medina, OH)
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7/23: Palm City CrossFit Fairgrounds Throwdown (Stuart, FL)
7/23: Buckeye Games Team Competition (Medina, OH)
7/30: Mayhem & Massacre @ CrossFit Fernandina (Yulee, FL)
7/30: No Grit No Glory (Barbell for Boobs) (Byron, IL)
8/13: The Mortal Games 2022 (Sunrise, FL)
8/20: Summer Smashdown (Tucson, AZ)
8/27: Mayhem & Massacre @ CrossFit Sango (Clarksville, TN)
8/27: The MFLH Fight For The Fittest 2022 (Ronkonhoma, NY)
8/27: Dawg Days of Summer (Portsmouth, OH)
9/4: Girls Gone RX (Ocala, FL)

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