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Annie Sakamoto on (nearly) two decades in CrossFit

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • New Morning Chalk Up writer, Austin Heaton offers some thoughts on the Semifinal strength of field in the women’s division
  • Annie Sakamoto, one of the original CrossFit “Girls” talks about her almost two decades in the sport and community
  • Plus, three reasons why your affiliate should program training cycles
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  Semifinal Strength of Field: Individual Women  

Semifinal Strength of Field: Individual Women

Semifinals are less than 2 weeks away and we can hardly wait until the action starts.

In anticipation, we have been busy…

While reviewing the athletes of all 7 separate regions we decided to break down each one and determine which regions are the most competitive.

Which regions have the most experienced lineup of athletes which competitors will have to beat?

Below we have created a Semifinals Strength of Region Ranking based on the following criteria:

  • Total combined Games appearances of all athletes in the region
  • Total combined top 10 Games finishes of all athletes in the region
  • Total combined podium finishes of all athletes in the region
  • Total combined championships of all athletes in the region
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Balance Training, How and Why It Can Improve Performance

Balance Training, How and Why It Can Improve Performance

In order to move efficiently, good balance is non-negotiable. Many athletes focus on training strength, power, speed, and endurance—but they neglect the one aspect that’s a big part of their foundation (balance).

Performing exercises on unstable surfaces is one of the best ways to challenge and improve your balance and strengthen the tiny stabilizer muscles in your body.

Adding balance and stability training into your routine is easy with the Stability Trainer Pro.

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📉 📈 Check out this chart outlining Semifinal appearances by field for the women’s division. (h/t FranLungFitness).

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  Annie Sakamoto: One of the Original  


Annie Sakamoto: One of the Original "Girls" on Two Decades in CrossFit

Annie Sakamoto remembers that day at the end of 2005 well.

She was one year into CrossFit and founder Greg Glassman told her he wanted her to be in a video attempting a new workout he had created.

  • “We had no idea what the workout was going to be,” Sakamoto said of the day they filmed what has now become the iconic Nasty Girls video, a workout featuring three rounds of 50 air squats, seven muscle-ups and 10 power cleans at 95 pounds.
  • “Back then, so much of this stuff we had never done. Seven muscle-ups, three rounds. ‘I wonder what that will be like.’ I don’t think any of us had ever done that many muscle-ups in a workout,” Sakamoto remembered, laughing.

Up to the challenge, Sakamoto—along with two other original CrossFit girls, Nicole Carroll and Eva Twardokens—set up their barbells, waited for the “3, 2, 1 Go” and attempted Nasty Girls for the first time.

  • “When I go back and watch that video, I’m like, ‘Maybe I didn’t even warm-up,’ because the first rep at that 95 pounds I look completely shocked,” Sakamoto said.
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  Three Reasons to Program Training Cycles at Your Affiliate  

Three Reasons to Program Training Cycles at Your Affiliate

The constant variation in CrossFit is typically one of the main attractions for people coming from a repetitive exercise program, but can start to feel like fitness limbo if tangible improvements aren’t made over time.

Today we’re going to discuss why you should incorporate training foci into your programming to help balance the seemingly “random” feeling that CrossFit workouts can sometimes give to those not trained in the methodology. The benefits range from better class participation and member retention, to helping your athletes become more competent movers.

1. Improved Member Adherence and Retention 

Communicating the training focus and educating your members about each programming cycle is a great way to get people excited about coming to the gym. When members understand the goals of the programming and see tangible improvement, they’re going to stay motivated and invested in the training. This can help increase class participation and improve retention.

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  • 🏋🏼‍♀️ Congratulations to Jennifer Jasper, co-owner of Ocean State CrossFit North, on the 165 pound/74.8kg snatch PR.
  • 🤯 12-year-old Cauzinho Neto and 13-year-old Bruna Salarini Schwenck from Brazil rep out picture-perfect synchro bar muscle-ups.
  • Congratulations to Tony Lauters from Hastings, NE on qualifying for the North America West Semifinals. The middle school teacher, husband, and father of four was featured in the local Hastings Tribune.
  • Congratulations to Poppy Mroz on this crispy clean and jerk complex.

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🇨🇦  The “Battle in the North” is coming to Masich Place Stadium in Prince George, BC next month. Hosted by CrossFit Northern ICE, the competition is for fitness enthusiasts of all levels in BC and Alberta. Registration closes May 13th for RX, Intermediate, Masters, and Scaled divisions.

☀️ CrossFit Hoboken in Hoboken, NJ is hosting free public classes on the evenings of June 7th, June 21st, and July 12th at Southwest Park as part of the town’s Fitness in the Park summer celebration.

12/9 - 12/10: Space Coast Classic (West Melbourne, FL)
12/9: Wodamania (Singer Island Riviera Beach, FL)
1/27: REPS AHEAD Switch Winterfest (Broomfield, CO)

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