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CrossFit Announces Interim CEO

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up premium subscriber edition.

In today’s edition:

  • Alison Andreozzi announced as CrossFit’s new interim CEO
  • What’s better for CrossFit athletes, dry sauna or infared?
  • Analyst Brian Friend breaks down his Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge picks
  • What’s better for CrossFit athletes, dry sauna or infared?
  • Is Tia-Clair Toomey even beatable?
  • Fittest in Cape Town picks to qualify for the CrossFit Games
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  BREAKING: Alison Andreozzi Named CrossFit’s Interim Chief  

BREAKING: Alison Andreozzi Named CrossFit’s Interim Chief

Alison Andreozzi, CrossFit’s chief financial officer, has been appointed as interim chief to lead the company while the search for a CEO continues, according to sources. The change was announced during an all-hands staff call today and confirmed to Morning Chalk Up.

What they’re saying: “The board of directors of CrossFit has asked CFO Alison Andreozzi to lead the company on an interim basis while it completes the search for a new CEO,” CrossFit’s head of communications Andrew Weinstein told the Morning Chalk Up.

  • “Alison is a 10-year member of Park City Fit in Utah, and she has recently served in similar leadership roles for two other companies.”
  • “In her new role, Alison will provide leadership over CrossFit’s day-to-day operations and ensure that the business continues to move forward with clear and effective decision making.“
  • “As she told employees in an all-hands today, her goal is focusing on what makes CrossFit unique, including the methodology, ethos, and coaching, so it can accelerate growth, engagement, and retention across the business.”

One big thing: CrossFit has been without a CEO for nearly four months. The day-to-day operations of the company have been left to its C-suite since the beginning of February after then CEO Eric Roza stepped down and moved to Chairman of the Board.

  • CrossFit’s president Jason Dunlop outlined some of the characteristics they’re looking for in a replacement on an affiliate town hall back in March, emphasizing the importance of “their commitment to CrossFit” and having a “growth mindset.”
  • CrossFit’s Chief Technology Officer, Jeremy Landis, stepped down ten days ago after a 17-month stint at the company citing a change in technology priorities at the company.

What we know about Alison Andreozzi: Not much to be honest, other than she is a long-time CrossFit athlete and she joined Crossfit as the Chief Financial Officer nine months ago according to her LinkedIn profile. She’s not particularly active on her Twitter or Instagram.

  • Andreozzi isn’t without CEO credentials. She served as Interim CEO for 11 months at Backbone, and CEO at Upwell health for almost 20 months.
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In case you missed it: Lauren Kalil, the host of The Bottom Line, spoke to analysts Brian Friend and Patrick Clark about their picks for the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge. Check our YouTube for daily recaps on that competition, and the Fittest in Cape Town as well.

Getting official: The International Functional Fitness Federation is nearing completion on its manual for “all hand movements, positions on the field, standards and fouls,” and “will be listed in writing as well as visually with accompanying photos.” 🤓

Cover boy: South African Jason Smith is on the cover of Men’s Health South Africa. Smith will be competing this weekend at the Fittest in Cape Town, vying for a spot at the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games.

Children’s book: Story time with Katrin Davidsdottir and Annie Thorisdottir? Sounds like fun for all ages.

  Infrared or Dry Sauna for CrossFit Athletes?  


Infrared or Dry Sauna for CrossFit Athletes?

Heat has been used as a way to detox and de-stress for years, recorded as early as 2,000 BC, and the practice is only becoming more popular today. Particularly amongst athletes, sauna usage is a regular part of a balanced recovery protocol for many reasons ranging from substantial health benefits to building mental fortitude.

Daniel Prince, the lead nurse at Restore Hyperwellness Watermark in Tempe, AZ believes a regular sauna visit is helpful for most people, not just elite athletes.

“I think it’s great for everyone. If we’re focusing on the detox aspect of it, even if you have a super clean lifestyle, you’re still exposed to so many toxins in your environment and this is a nice, gentle way to get rid of some of those”, he said.

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  2022 CrossFit Semifinals Preview: Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge  

2022 CrossFit Semifinals Preview: Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge

Week two of Semifinals are here, and with the only two competitions slated for this weekend, and one of them being the Fittest in Cape Town which only qualifies one athlete to the Games, a majority of this week’s focus will be in Knoxville, TN where the second of four North America Semifinals is going down.

The lineups for the men’s and women’s fields at the MACC are a bit different in make-up. The women’s is headlined by two big names at the top, and then several other athletes looking to establish names for themselves. The men’s field on the other hand, is extremely stout and will undoubtedly leave some very popular athletes on the outside looking in.

Games Experience at the MACC

For the women, there are four previous Games competitors in the field, and all four of them were at the Games last year. The headliners–Brooke Wells and Danielle Brandon–each qualified through a live Semifinal last season. While the other two, Baylee Rayl and Sydney Michalyshen, punched their tickets through the online Atlas Games Semifinal in 2021.

The men’s field has twice as many athletes with Games experience, and of those eight, the experience and pedigrees cover a massive range.

  • Noah Ohlsen, Cole Sager, and Saxon Panchik have names and resumes that speak for themselves.
  • Logan Collins, a late addition to this field, also boasts four individual Games trips and three top 15 finishes.
  • Both John Coltey and Mitchel Stevenson qualified via the Regionals format in 2018.
  • Tyler Christophel, largely known as a team athlete at the Games, qualified for the 2020 Stage 1 online competition.
  • And Zach Watts was last year’s Cinderella story at this very competition.

The team division at the MACC is likely going to be one of the most closely contested team competitions across all Semifinals, and though Mayhem Independence will be the headliner, there are a handful of other very respectable contenders in this field.

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  2022 CrossFit Semifinals Preview: Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge  

VIDEO: Can Anyone Beat Tia-Clair Toomey?

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  2022 CrossFit Semifinals Preview: Fittest in Cape Town  

2022 CrossFit Semifinals Preview: Fittest in Cape Town

The Coetzenburg Centre in Stellenbosch, South Africa will play host to the 2022 Fittest in Cape Town Semifinal starting this Friday. The NOBULL CrossFit Games qualifying event has just three spots available for Madison, WI – one each for the men, women and teams divisions.

Last year’s competition displayed the range and depth of athletes on the African continent, Games veteran and arguably the greatest CrossFit athlete in African history, Jason Smith punched his third ticket to the Games while on the women’s side 24-year old Michelle Basnett held off a host of Games veterans to get her first ticket to Madison.

Games Experience for Africa

A total of two men and four women in the event have previously qualified for the Games as individuals. Of the six athletes just three have qualified through live in-person competitions with two of them, Basnett and Smith, qualifying through the Games last year by winning the Fittest in Cape Town.

In the team division, CrossFit Eikstad Mighty Oaks was the cream of the crop last year but that team has disbanded. CrossFit Commit Okavango appears to be the team to beat as they swept all four Quarterfinals workouts after winning all three team Open workouts.

Last Chancers

All four athletes that competed in the LCQ last year are in this year’s field–Ruan Duvenage and Mohamed Elomda for the men and Reyneke Gilmari and Dina Swift for the women.


This semifinal is unique as there are no clear “shoo-ins” for the Games due to just one spot being available. Sixty athletes and 20 teams vying for a post in each division means that like last year there will be changes on the leaderboard after almost every event as they all jockey for that coveted Games invite.

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  • 🍼 Congratulations Scott and Christin Panchik on baby #2 coming in December.
  • 🎓 Congratulations to Morning Chalk Up’s own Ava Kitzi on her high school graduation this week.
  • TBT to Brent Fikowski competing in the 2014 Ogopogo Weightlifting Championship.
  • Congratulations Aimee Cringle from CrossFit IOM on Isle of Man on deadlifting 353 pounds/160kg for reps.
  • Even the Fittest Man on Earth makes mistakes— Justin Medeiros missed the rope at the Syndicate Crown semifinal, and was able to laugh about it.
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6/17: Mayhem In Montana 2023 (Kalispell, MT)
6/17: Brooklyn Fit Fest 2023 (Brooklyn, NY)
6/17: Mayhem & Massacre @ CrossFit Murrieta (Murrieta, CA)
6/24: The Phoenix Classic (Asbury Park, NJ)
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7/8: Summer Solstice (Tucson, AZ)
7/8 - 7/9: Ligurian Throwdown (Busalla, Italy)
7/8 - 7/9: Andorra Fitness Challenge (Andorra la Vella, Andorra)
7/15: Summer Sizzler (Limestone, TN)
7/15 - 7/16: Fresh Coast Games (Muskegon, MI)
7/15: Battle of the Beast (Hudson, NY)
7/15: Lumberjack Athletics “Battle of the Beast” (Hudson, NY)
7/15 - 7/16: 5Ton-5K Festival (Federalsburg, MD)
7/16: Warrior Affiliate League Summer Classic (Apple Valley, CA)
7/22: Barbells For Bullies New Jersey (Roxbury twp, NJ)
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