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CrossFit is Getting Into Healthcare?

Morning Chalk Up

October 6   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Sam Kwant returns to competition, but this year with PUMA.
  • What’s it going to take to qualify as a Master’s athlete this year?
  • Eric Roza weighs in on European affiliate growth, corporate culture and diversity.
  • CrossFit launches health care services and files two new trademarks.
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  Returning to Competition, Sam Kwant Starts New Season with PUMA  

Returning to Competition, Sam Kwant Starts New Season with PUMA

Sam Kwant is returning to the competitive season with a new company by his side — PUMA. Kwant recently signed on as the brands newest training ambassador just weeks before returning to competition floor making his 2022 season debut at the Rogue Invitational, after he failed to qualify last season due to a flair up of a chronic illness during Semifinals.

  • “When we got to Tenessee I woke up in the middle of the night and my body was covered in hives and my throat was closing up and it was scary to be honest,” said Kwant.

How it went down: The collaboration with PUMA began inside the walls of CrossFit New England after moving to Boston to join the CompTrain crew. From there, he was inspired with how the company kept family at the center of conversation.

  • Kwant: “I loved what they had going on and how their company runs…when they sign anyone it’s about ‘the PUMA family’ and I was all about that saying and I loved it.
  • Speaking of family, when suggesting that PUMA should come out with a matching pair of kicks for Kwant and his year and a half old son, Layton, Kwant said “I’ve already looked into that, got some on the way I think actually.”
  • Another driving factor for Kwant was the company’s mission to give back to the community.

One big thing: PUMA threw in an unorthodox, but compelling component of the contract: anytime he finishes on the podium, he can earmark $10,000 to an organization of his choice; a first that we’ve seen in CrossFit.

  • Kwant: “Anytime that I podium, I’m going to be able to give 10k to an organization of my choice which I thought was super cool and I’m super excited. It gives me even more of an incentive to podium and then also starting in 2022, anytime I compete and podium we’re also going to give away 100 pairs of PUMA FUSE’s to an affiliate of my choice.”

But for Kwant, giving back is more than just having a desire for service, it goes deeper. This collaboration with PUMA gives him the opportunity to do something in the name of his late sister.

  • “I don’t think many people know this but my younger sister passed away because she had a chromosome disorder called trisomy 18, so there’s a couple of organizations that work with families and support families with that so my plan is to donate to them.”

As for Kwant’s return to the competition floor less than a month away, he’ll be squaring up against a very stacked field at the Rogue Invitational, which is offering the largest off season prize purse ever. He’ll spend the next few weeks training in Washington to keep any flair ups at bay after discovering they could be linked to an outdoor allergy. Kwant said he has been trying to get in with a specialist and hopes to have more answers as he pushes forward into the next season.

  • “I’m doing everything I can for it, getting into appointments and trying to be smart about it. I haven’t had a flair up near what I had at MACC and that was the first flair up that I’ve had like that in like ten years…I think I should have answers by Rogue so I’m not terribly worried about that…me and the CompTrain crew definitely have some plans in place for getting me fit and working on those weaknesses so I’m exciting for this upcoming season, redemption year.”
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Not CrossFit related, but as yours truly is a climber I can’t not be blown away but this amazing feat of strength. Rustam Nabiev became the first double amputee to scale Mt. Manaslu, the eighth highest peak in the world, sitting at 26,781 feet (8,163 m)

Launching Today…Jen & Keri, a new sports bra company aimed at new and nursing moms.

  • Karlie Causey, co-founder: “Why can’t there be a regular bra that looks like a regular bra and I can still nurse my kid, I can workout, I don’t have to change right away, moms have a lot of stuff going on.”
  • Read our profile on Jen & Keri.

Worth three minutes of your morning…”21 people lost 250 pounds in a pilot program between CHI Health and Kearney CrossFit.”

MUST READ interview with Eric Roza tackling specific questions on diversity at CrossFit corporate, Games growth, helping affiliates grow and Europe surpassing CrossFit in the U.S.

  • “CrossFit at its best is one of the most inclusive environments I’ve ever seen. All the barriers break down when you’re in there sweating with people. So we needed to work out how we can mirror that in our actions as the business of CrossFit, as CrossFit Inc. How could we look the same?”
  • “We asked affiliates what tools they needed to succeed. They all said very clearly, that they didn’t need more rules from us, we needed tools from us. So everything we have tried to provide has been totally up to the affiliates to take up and use…But if this is your job and you’re trying to make your affiliate your primary source of income, here are a number of tools that you can take that will make you more successful and also do more good in the world.”

PUMA is releasing an exclusive colorway for National Coming Out Day.

Correction: During a YouTube interview last week, we mistakenly stated that the Dubai CrossFit Championship was canceled this year. The event is currently scheduled for December 16-18. It is the Filthy 150 which is canceled.

  CrossFit Launches CrossFit Precision Care, Files 2 Trademarks  

CrossFit Launches CrossFit Precision Care, Files 2 Trademarks

CrossFit has marked a major moment in the continuing return of CrossFit Health. The Home Office has announced CrossFit Precision Care — a new telehealth primary care service co-founded by Dr. Julie Foucher and other CrossFit-trained doctors. The goal is to provide an “individualized, proactive, and data-driven approach to lifelong health” that will help create real lifestyle changes.

What we know: The CrossFit-trained doctors will use precise genomic profiles, advanced labs, and biomarkers to create complete medical plans for each respective patient. These plans will cover sleep, diet, exercise, chronic disease risk, and other areas instead of simply focusing on what pills will cover up the symptoms.

  • CrossFit Precision Care was developed in partnership with Dr. Julie Foucher and Wild Health, a provider of precision healthcare services via telemedicine. Wild Health customers have seen a 52% decrease in inflammation, a 15% increase in heart rate variability, and a 22% reduction in bad cholesterol.
  • CrossFit Precision Care is similar in concept to SteadyMD Primary Care, the company that has for the last several years been pairing CrossFit athletes with a doctor who specializes in more functional medicine. SteadMD has worked with the who’s who of CrossFit Games athletes like Mathew Fraser, Sammy Moniz, Kristi O’Connell, Josh Bridges, Bethany Shadburne, Cole Sager, Dani Speegle and a lot more.

The Home Office teased this announcement on June 24 by filing an application for CROSSFIT PRECISION CARE. This trademark fell into the 005 class, primarily listing “Nutritional Supplements” under the Goods and Services description.

Dr. Matt Dawson, MD, CEO of Wild Health, and co-founder of CrossFit Precision Care: “People shouldn’t be treated like they’re statistics in a ‘one size fits all’ model. We’re all unique, with different genes, lifestyles, and dreams. We should be treated as such, and CrossFit Precision Care’s genomics-based approach does just that to truly maximize human potential.”

Future products: Along with announcing CrossFit Precision Care, the Home Office has also filed trademark applications that provide a fascinating glimpse into the company’s possible future. CrossFit has attempted to trademark CROSSFIT and Crossfit in the 005 class.

  • While previous CrossFit trademark applications focused on two main categories — meat and providing healthcare information — the extension into the 005 class makes it appear that the company could begin creating its own supplement lines.
  • One trademark application includes: “Dietary supplements; Dietary and nutritional supplements; Dietary and nutritional supplements for endurance sports; Dietary food supplements; Ketogenic dietary and nutritional supplements.”
  • The other application includes: “Nutritional supplements; dietary supplements containing fish oil; nutritional supplement energy bars.”

Bottom line: When CrossFit Health returned from limbo, Dr. Sean Rockett and Dr. Julie Foucher both hinted at a bright future for the brand. They confirmed that there will be multiple events in the future aimed at creating a network of physicians dedicated to improving the lives of people around the world without relying on pills. Announcing CrossFit Precision Care is a major step in this journey, which sets up an intriguing future.

  Performance Trends Within Masters Divisions: What It'll Take to Qualify  


Performance Trends Within Masters Divisions: What It'll Take to Qualify

The CrossFit Open is five months away and you want to know if this will be the year you qualify for the Games. For an individual athlete, a quick google search will lead you to articles on strength parametersreps completed by athletes at the 2021 CrossFit Games and even data showing a breakdown of the average height and weight from this year’s competitors.

If you’re a Masters athlete, however, finding data on what makes a Games athlete for each age group isn’t nearly as easy — if not impossible. However, the team at Training Think Tank collected data from past Games and Opens in each Masters division, giving us an idea of what a Masters Game athlete might look like.

Why it matters: Masters athletes are now the majority of participants in the CrossFit Open. Registration for the 2021 Open was a notable year for the Masters divisions making it the first time in history we’re seeing more athletes participate throughout the 35-65+ divisions than the individual division.

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  • Congratulations 16-year-old Nicholas Rodgers on the 290 pound/132kg clean and jerk PR.
  • Can you complete this handstand walk obstacle course like Justin Medeiros?
  • Congratulations to 15-year-old Marena Morales on the 160 pound/73kg clean and jerk PR. Marena weighs in at only 105 pounds/47.9kg.
  • 😩 Andrea Nisler hits eight back squats at 300 pounds/136kg.
  • Congratulations to Ellia Miller from CrossFit Raid in Bensalem, PA on a 225 pound/102kg bench press PR.

Hard2Kill CrossFit in Arden, NC are hosting a Healthcare Worker Appreciation Day for local area healthcare workers. The event will have workouts, raffles and food.

Sign up to support Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month with Project Purple. Push Pull for Pancreatic Cancer is an annual fundraiser to support cancer awareness, support families diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and fund research. The organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

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3/16: Shamwod & Shenanigains (Oceanside, Ca)
3/16: Shamwod & Shenanigains (oceanside, ca)
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