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Total Reps, Distance and Work Performed at the 2021 CrossFit Games

August 16, 2021 by
Photo credit: Kay Wiese
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Individual athletes at the 2021 CrossFit Games completed 15 events over the course of four days — five total days but one was a rest day — tied for the most events ever programmed. While most CrossFitters are used to putting in a solid week’s worth of work in the gym, the CrossFit Games is an entirely different experience, testing athletes to their max and having to continue to perform under multiple days of fatigue.

To help better understand how much work they actually did, we broke down all fifteen events into total number of reps, distances, and movements performed.

A couple of quick points:

  • We know not all athletes completed every event under the time cap, nor every event. The data is representative of an athlete who completed all events and under the time cap.
  • We left out the 1RM snatch event. Our intention was to show volume over raw strength.
  • We didn’t add in odd object movements like cheese curd burpees over the hay bale and sandbag carrys.
  • We didn’t quantify the handstand walk obstacle course becuase CrossFit never published the distance of the walk.
  • We combined lunge movements like overhead, back rack and front rack to present a total distance.
  • For Events 6/7, we tallyed up the total weight cleaned for athletes who completed the entire event.
  • For Event 11, which was an AMRAP, we quantified the mean female score to establish a number of pegboard ascents, DB overhead squats and double-unders.

All tallied up: While the numbers themselves are impressive, it’s also important to factor in the total weight moved by an individual over the course of the week.

  • An individual female at the 2021 CrossFit Games would move 3,500 pounds of the pig over the course of the entire workout, while an individual male would move 5,100 pounds.
  • Individual females had to move 7,425 pounds of weight in thrusters during the wall-walk thruster workout on the first day of competition and individual men had to move 10,175 pounds of weight during the same workout that day to complete the workout.
  • Athletes had to climb 320 feet of rope to complete workout five on day two in the rope climb, sandbag, ski erg workout.

The full breakdown:

Swim1 mile
Kayak3.5 miles
Run4.7 miles
Ski Erg2000m/1600m
Echo Bike45 cals
Rope Climbs16
CTB Pulls Ups90
Free Standing HSPU30
GHD Sit-Up80
Wall Walks55
Pegboard Ascents8
Thrusters (185/135)55
Power/Squat Cleans (Total Weight)3110/2025
Snatches (105/75)45
Deadlifts (405/275)30
Lunges (185/135)108 feet
Sled Drag (220/180)252 feet
Pig Flips (510/350)10
Heavy Double Unders120
SA DB Overhead Squats (70/50)56
Yoke Carry (605/425)168 feet

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