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Dale King and PushPress Help Mothers in Addiction Recovery

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Dale King, PSKC CrossFit, and PushPress are working for pregnant women and mothers in addiction recovery
  • Battling your “dragons” for health and wellness
  • The Weekly Buzz is coming in hot with sports and affiliate news updates
  • Kristy Hagan partners with The Phoenix to help people get sober

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“[Dale King’s] mission not only hit home for me — it taps into the things I want to give back to--the types of fitness studios we support are community-based, and we’re part of the community, so we want to support.” - Dan Uyemura, PushPress Founder, on partnering with King and PSKC CrossFit

  PSKC CrossFit, PushPress Work Together for Pregnant Women and Mothers in Addiction Recovery  

PSKC CrossFit, PushPress Work Together for Pregnant Women and Mothers in Addiction Recovery

Watching a client get their first pull-up never gets old for the gym owner, but that wasn’t enough for Dale King, owner of PSKC CrossFit in Portsmouth, OH.

King, whose work within this CrossFit community has been highlighted and is very well respected, wanted his gym to be even more involved in healthcare, so he partnered with The Counseling Center, a local drug and alcohol addiction recovery treatment center in Portsmouth, in 2018.

  • In case you haven’t seen Small Town Strong, the documentary featuring King, his box, and their efforts in Portsmouth, be sure to check it out!

The details: Today, King offers 20 CrossFit classes a week to people in drug and alcohol recovery programs at The Counseling Center. Now, he regularly witnesses people not only getting their first pull-up or PR their back squat, but he also sees them landing their first job, purchasing their first car or home, and getting custody of their kids back.

  • “And they all credit the impact that CrossFit has had on their recovery,” King, a gym owner since 2010, tells Morning Chalk Up. “It has been a hugely successful program in the last five years.”

In the last five years, King has worked with thousands of people in recovery, a handful of whom have gone on to become Level 1 coaches.

Currently, King has five coaches with L-1s who came through the Counseling Center and have found their way back to “coaching clients who were just like themselves,” he says.

King’s desire to help those who need CrossFit most doesn’t end there. He also runs a program out of a local prison and has taken part in a car seat drive in the last four years for the Stepping Stone Outpatient Program, a program within the Counseling Center for pregnant women and mothers looking to live a substance-free lifestyle.

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🎙️ Ben Bergeron on HP Podcast: CompTrain founder, coach Ben Bergeron, was on the High Performance Podcast earlier this week. Check out the episode and listen to Bergeron talk about developing the mindset to take on challenges in 2024.

No Shortcuts Documentary: “Project Italy,” the documentary focusing on the No Shortcuts training camp, is available now on the No Shortcuts YouTube channel.

New Nano Alert 👟 🔥: The Reebok Nano X4 is coming on January 12. Learn more soon.

ICYMI: Two-time Fittest Man Justin Medeiros competed in a powerlifting meet under the watchful eye of coach Jesse Bifano.

  Confronting Your Inner Dragons: The Key to Health, Happiness, and Fulfillment  


Confronting Your Inner Dragons: The Key to Health, Happiness, and Fulfillment

In our quest for health, happiness, and fulfillment, we won’t get to where we hope to go without slaying some dragons.

These dragons represent the challenges and obstacles preventing us from achieving our goals and making progress. They symbolize the truth we need to acknowledge but resist to see clearly.

We fear staring at our dragons because doing so invites shame and regret.

We see we’ve gained weight and are ashamed we let it happen.

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  Confronting Your Inner Dragons: The Key to Health, Happiness, and Fulfillment  

The Weekly Buzz - Wodapalooza Updates and Legends Controversy

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  How One Gym Owner Uses Free CrossFit Classes to Empower Hundreds in Addiction Recovery  

How One Gym Owner Uses Free CrossFit Classes to Empower Hundreds in Addiction Recovery

Kristy Hagan had a rough journey with addiction. She spent time in jail, had her children taken away from her by child protective services, and, at one point, found herself unhoused with her daughter in New York City.

  • “My addiction took me to some terrible, terrible places,” Hagan tells the Morning Chalk Up.

Now, though, she’s 10-plus years sober and is the owner of Neuse River CrossFit in Raleigh, NC. And most importantly, Hagan is looking to give back. So when she saw that a nonprofit called The Phoenix was offering free CrossFit for anyone in addiction recovery, she knew she needed to offer a program like that at her gym.

Remind me: The Phoenix offers free physical activities, including CrossFit at various Phoenix gyms—as well as satellite gyms like Hagan’s—to anyone who has 48 hours of continued sobriety.

The details: In 2018, The Phoenix helped guide Hagan to get her program going, and she began offering one class a week to anyone looking to stay sober. Five years later, Hagan now offers CrossFit and yoga classes twice a week and gets anywhere from 15 to 30 people attending the Sober Sunday class.

Hundreds have attended her Phoenix classes during the past five years, many of whom have gone on to become long-time members of Neuse River CrossFit. A handful have even become CrossFit Level 1 coaches who now help her coach the Phoenix classes.

Most recently, Hagan began offering a sober class at a friend’s gym—CrossFit 4042 in Garner, NC—on Friday nights and runs a class twice a week for high school students in recovery.

  • “These kids’ stories are remarkable. A lot of them have overdosed and been brought back to life…so being part of [their recovery journey] is pretty amazing,” she says. “It’s teaching a full class of people who are genuinely grateful to be there, so it removes a lot of the [complaining about burpees] that you see in regular class because they’re just legit happy to be involved.”

One big thing: Not only is coaching those in recovery from addiction Hagan’s favorite part of the job, but it’s also closely tied to her own recovery.

  • “100 percent [it has helped my own recovery] because part of being successful in recovery is feeling like you are a part of something and having a community that you can relate to…and just a feeling of belonging,” she says.
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  How One Gym Owner Uses Free CrossFit Classes to Empower Hundreds in Addiction Recovery  

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