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GORUCK is CrossFit’s New Apparel and Footwear Sponsor

Morning Chalk Up

January 5   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • CEOs Don Faul and Jason McCarthy discuss new partnership
  • How can you maintain fitness and nutrition goals during times of stress?
  • From Under Armour to GORUCK, take a stroll down the CrossFit Games’ sponsorship memory lane
  • The Florida Grid League rebrands as The United Grid League and prepares for national expansion
  • And, Kelly Baker’s Workout of the Week

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“The roots of CrossFit and the roots of GORUCK are very much community-driven. It’s from the bottom up.” - Jason McCarthy, GORUCK CEO and Founder

  Exclusive Interview: CEOs Don Faul and Jason McCarthy Discuss CrossFit and GORUCK’s New Apparel and Footwear Partnership  

Exclusive Interview: CEOs Don Faul and Jason McCarthy Discuss CrossFit and GORUCK’s New Apparel and Footwear Partnership

Today, CrossFit announced that GORUCK, a company known for its tactical gear and rucking equipment, will be the “Official Apparel and Footwear Partner of CrossFit and the CrossFit Games” heading into the 2024 season. The partnership deal is initially set at three years.

  • It’s important to note that CrossFit’s title sponsorship deal with shoe and apparel brand NOBULL concluded at the end of 2023.

In an exclusive interview with the Morning Chalk Up, GORUCK CEO and Founder Jason McCarthy said, “We’ve been enormous fans of and friends to the CrossFit community, and we [are] doubl[ing] down on focusing on community-building from the ground up, empowering people, all the values that we hold dear.”

  • “[Those values] are so similar at a holistic level between CrossFit and GORUCK that it [makes this partnership] almost scary easy,” McCarthy continued.

The details: The official GORUCK partnership kicks off with the 2024 CrossFit for Health Summit in February and the CrossFit Open, and will continue through to the Games. GORUCK will also provide the official uniform for athletes who qualify and compete at the Games in Fort Worth, TX, and for the CrossFit Seminar staff.

  • The partnership will see GORUCK launch a line of CrossFit-branded apparel. For trainers with a CF-L1 or higher, GORUCK will provide access to exclusive programs, discounts, and other benefits.
  • GORUCK started in 2008: “We built everything from the ground up. Tested it for ourselves and the community in over 10,000 events and driveway workouts, and we’re really proud of where we are on that front,” said McCarthy.
  • “We’ve been in the health and human performance space for a long time as well, and we’re super happy to show up where we add value,” he said, referring to sponsoring the CrossFit for Health Summit.

One big thing: Though it’s not being called “the title sponsor” as it might have been in years past, GORUCK will be the largest and most visible partner for the 2024 CrossFit Games season.

  • GORUCK will be “our most important partner,” CrossFit CEO Don Faul said to the Morning Chalk Up.

While the language differs from years past, athletes and spectators can expect GORUCK to have a similar influence on the look and feel of the Games experience as earlier brands like Reebok and NOBULL.

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New Logo: CrossFit unveiled a new logo earlier this week. In an email to the community, CrossFit’s Creative Art Director, Erick Diaz-Soto, said:

  • “For this project, we forged a new path, creating a logo that stands on its own, a crest that symbolizes protection and movement, and a modular system that can be applied to various media types and platforms.”

🎙️ 🎙️ The Weekly Buzz: Check out our news brief collab between the Morning Chalk Up and Kettlebells and Cocktails and get caught up on some of the top community, affiliate, and sport stories of the week.

  • On this week’s episode: Joe and Niki discuss some new developments for TYR Wodapalooza and talk through the Legends Championship not paying out a prize purse this year.

🎙️ Ben Bergeron on HP Podcast: CompTrain founder, coach Ben Bergeron, was on the High Performance Podcast earlier this week. Check out the episode and listen to Bergeron talk about developing the mindset to take on challenges in 2024.

New Nano Alert 👟 🔥: The Reebok Nano X4 is coming on January 12. Learn more soon.

ICYMI: Dale King, PSKC CrossFit, and PushPress are working for pregnant women and mothers in addiction recovery.

  Navigating Stressful Times: Strategies for Maintaining Nutrition and Fitness  


Navigating Stressful Times: Strategies for Maintaining Nutrition and Fitness

Recently, on the Chasing Excellence podcast, we have focused on answering listener and viewer questions in a “coach’s corner” style format. Here’s an anonymous question we received. Ben used the opportunity to discuss ways to maintain fitness and health goals during stressful periods.

Anonymous question:

My father was recently hospitalized for four weeks. He continues the healing process and is still not 100%.

This event threw everything into complete disarray, as you can imagine. My CrossFit training and nutrition fell quickly by the wayside as my father and family became my only focus. We basically lived at the hospital.

Do you have any advice for someone in this situation?

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  From Under Armour to Reebok to NOBULL and GORUCK: A Quick History of Notable CrossFit Games Sponsors  

From Under Armour to Reebok to NOBULL and GORUCK: A Quick History of Notable CrossFit Games Sponsors

On Thursday, CrossFit LLC announced GORUCK as the Official Apparel and Footwear Provider of CrossFit and the CrossFit Games.

While this may come as a surprise to many—considering GORUCK is arguably only a moderately recognized brand in the CrossFit community best known for its tactical gear and rucking equipment—when we look at the history of CrossFit Games sponsors, surprise has been at the forefront since the beginning.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

2010: The “CrossFit Has Arrived” Moment

I arrived at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA (now the StubHub Center), ready to compete with my CrossFit Vancouver team at the CrossFit Games. The venue had been invaded by Under Armour banners and flags.

They were everywhere.

New to the sport, I figured Under Armour had always been a sponsor of the CrossFit Games and that the Games had always looked so legit. But to those who had competed in the earlier Games in Aromas between 2007 and 2009, the Under Armour presence in 2010 was quite a milestone.

The presence of a well-known brand like Under Armour symbolized serious growth from the earliest days when “anyone who wanted to could just show up and compete,” remembers CrossFit pioneer Chris Spealler, who competed at the first Games in 2007.

By 2009, there were “low-key sponsors” on the ranch in Aromas, 2008 Games champion Jason Khalipa told Morning Chalk Up, but this “definitely escalated” in 2010 when the Games moved to the Home Depot Center.

With legitimate sponsors, the prize money also jumped significantly in 2010. That year, the winning man and woman each took home $25,000, up from $500, $1,500, and $5,000 in 2007, 2008, and 2009 respectively.

Little did the CrossFit community know, this was only the start.

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  Florida Grid League Becomes “The United Grid League,” Expands Nationally  

Florida Grid League Becomes “The United Grid League,” Expands Nationally

Today, the Florida Grid League announced an official rebrand. After seven years of building a solid business model with dedicated teams, loyal fans, over one million social media followers, and hundreds of thousands of livestream views, the Florida Grid League will now be known as the United Grid League.

One big thing: This transformation is more than just a name change; it’s also a change in the direction of the sport and a marker of the league’s continuous growth over the past several years.

What is Grid Racing?: According to the United Grid League:

  • “In a Grid League match, two teams compete head-to-head in a series of races featuring weightlifting, body weight, and other athletic elements.”
  • Athletes race down the “Grid” in a structured race that requires them to complete various elements of functional fitness.
  • While the popularity of the Florida Grid League has exploded in recent years, the original idea for Grid Racing was developed over ten years ago.

Remind me: In 2014, the Grid League aired its first match on NBC Sports. The match would receive decent ratings on the network and continue to receive good ratings over the next two years.

  • However, by 2016, the Grid League failed to prove itself as a financially successful business model and shut down.
  • In 2017, leaders from the original league decided to give the sport another shot and founded the Florida Grid League.
  • By 2023, the sport had redeemed itself both in and out of Florida, with the Florida Grid League (FGL) amassing over 1.3 million followers across all platforms and 455k live stream views.
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  Kelly Baker’s Workout of the Week  

Kelly Baker’s Workout of the Week

Today’s workout is programmed by CrossFit Games veteran, Kelly Baker. Baker has competed at the Games three times, twice on a team and most recently as an individual. After squeaking out a spot to Madison, taking 10th place at North America West, Baker made it through more cuts at the Games, ultimately finishing in 21st. Baker had her top two finishes at the Games on Saturday, taking 8th in the Cross-Country 5k and 9th in the Olympic Total.

Kelly Baker

9-Minute AMRAP:

3 Deficit Wall-Facing Hand Stand Push-Ups, 3.5/2-inch Deficit
6 Deadlifts, 275/195 pounds
6 Deficit Wall-Facing Hand Stand Push-Ups, 3.5/2-inch Deficit
6 Deadlifts, 275/195 pounds
9 Deficit Wall-Facing Hand Stand Push-Ups, 3.5/2-inch Deficit
6 Deadlifts, 275/195 pounds
12 Deficit Wall-Facing Hand Stand Push-Ups, 3.5/2-inch Deficit
6 Deadlifts, 275/195 pounds

* Deadlifts stay at 6 repetitions, Deficit Wall-Facing Hand Stand Push-Ups increase by 3 repetitions each round.

Score is total reps.

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  Kelly Baker’s Workout of the Week  

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