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How to Watch the CrossFit Open 23.3 Announcement 

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • How to watch the final workout announcement for the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Open
  • Favorites to win it all? Talking with CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue
  • Mayhem Mission to host workout to help fight human trafficking
  • Watch Patrick Vellner give a behind the scenes look at 23.2
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  How to Watch CrossFit Open Announcement 23.3  

How to Watch CrossFit Open Announcement 23.3

The final live Open announcement of the 2023 season is coming in hot today on the official CrossFit YouTube channel.

The details: The live Open announcement will conclude the 2023 CrossFit Games Open stage of the season and the world’s largest participatory sporting event. The announcements started in the 2013 season and grew in size and popularity through 2018. CrossFit elected not to host live Open announcements during the 2019 and 2020 seasons, but returned to host them in 2021.

  • 23.3 will be presented by Renaissance Periodization and will take place in Omaha, NE.
  • The 2022 Second Fittest Woman on Earth, Mallory O’Brien will take on Danielle Brandon, who took fourth overall in 2022.

How to watch: Tune in to the CrossFit Games website or CrossFit YouTube channel for the live 23.3 announcement on Thursday, March 2 at 12 PM PT.

And as always, the Morning Chalk Up will provide workout strategy guides and full leaderboard coverage and analysis.

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The Open is ending: The 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Open is winding down with 23.3, and Morning Chalk Up’s Ava Kitzi will on the ground in Nebraska at CrossFit Omaha as Mal O’Brien and Danielle Brandon throw down.

Interesting: Check out our CrossFit Open movement tracker which goes all the way back to 2011, looking at the breakdown of workouts since then.

Video alert: CrossFit has an interesting series that is now available called Run the Test — Designing the Tests for the CrossFit Games, which dives into the mind of none other than Adian Bozman.

Tia sighting: The one and only pregnant Tia-Clair Toomey will be in Omaha, Nebraska this weekend for the Arnold and will be at the Rogue booth. Also, in case you missed it, you can watch Toomey absolutely crush 23.2.

Local love: Amazing video about blind CrossFit star and cancer survivor Erika James. 🥰

  Are CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games Favorites?  


Are CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games Favorites?

With Rich Froning announcing he has retired from the team division he dominated for years, the team division of the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games is now more wide open than ever, or is it? Perennial contenders CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue, who hail from Norway and have finished runner-up two years in a row to Froning’s Mayhem Freedom squad, are now the out and out favorites to win it this season.

Elvind Dahl Ringard (33), who makes up the team with Nicolay Billaudel, 33, Ingrid Hodnemyr, 27 and Lena Richter, 27, took some time to chat to Morning Chalk Up about last year, this year, and what makes a good CrossFit team:

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  Mayhem Mission Fights Human Trafficking With Fundraising Workout  

Mayhem Mission Fights Human Trafficking With Fundraising Workout

On March 25, the members of CrossFit Mayhem and all of the affiliates using Mayhem programming will band together for a common goal. They will complete a workout while raising awareness and funds to fight human trafficking.

The workout: Designed by Rich Froning Jr., the Mayhem for Freedom workout has two different options – equipment and equipment-free. Both versions support people that don’t have a fully-stocked gym at their disposal, so there is no need for a GHD or other fancy equipment.

  • Equipment: The first version is a 12-minute AMRAP. Participants must complete 20 toes-to-bar, 40 thrusters (45/35 pounds), and 100 double-unders.
  • Equipment-free: The second version of the workout is also a 12-minute AMRAP. Participants must complete 20 sit-ups, 40 air squats, and 100 line hops or jumping jacks.

One big thing: Mayhem Mission, the giving arm of CrossFit Mayhem, has four pillars that it uses to support those in need. Human trafficking is the first pillar, clean water is the second, at-risk youth is the third, and unreached people groups are the fourth. Mayhem Mission uses each quarter to focus on one of the pillars.

  • Now in its third year, the Mayhem for Freedom event will provide fitness enthusiasts with an opportunity to fight what they hate by doing something that they love – tackling a workout that is sneaky hard.
  • Getting the community involved in the awareness-raising workout is one goal of Mayhem for Freedom. Another is raising funds for Atlas Free, a nonprofit organization that fights human trafficking
  • There are two ways to help raise funds for Atlas Free. Purchasing the official Mayhem for Freedom shirt ($30 USD) is one. Community members can also donate money through the Mayhem Mission website.
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  Mayhem Mission Fights Human Trafficking With Fundraising Workout  

Patrick Vellner Gives Behind the Scenes View of 23.2 Live Announcement

In the video above, Patrick Vellner recounts his experience taking on his sixth Live Announcement with CrossFit Open Workout 23.2 at CrossFit Bison in Midland Park, NJ against fellow Games athlete, Roman Khrennikov.

  • Vellner: “Things are pretty hush hush around the open announcement, but I took some sneaky phone footage this week to give you guys an idea of what goes on during the week leading up to a live announcement.”

In the live announcement, Vellner logged 162 reps in 23.2A and 270 pounds (122.4kg) in 23.2B. He currently sits in 243rd place, unofficially, after three tests and with one week remaining in the 2023 CrossFit Open.

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  • 💕 Congratulations to Luke and Jennifer Parker on tying the knot last Saturday.
  • The master himself, CrossFit Games Competition Director, Adrian Bozman took on 23.2 at CrossFit Bison in Midland Park, NJ and logged a score of 130 reps + 185 pounds/83.9kg.
  • Michael Shearn from Bucktown CrossFit in Chicago, IL brought back a memory we wish we didn’t have with these Ring Handstand Push-ups.
  • Congratulations to Caroline Lambray, Co-Owner of CrossFit Wonderland and Jeffrey Adler’s coach-turned-partner, on the 156 pound/70.7kg max thruster in Open Workout 23.2B.
    • Lambray posted a photo of the lift on Instagram with a caption that reads, “Our babies will be strong (if we ever have any)”
  • Graciano Rubio (The “Wall Street Weightlifter”) earned top spot on the men’s 23.2B leaderboard with this 375 pound/170kg thruster.
  • Remember Brett Pressley‘s 355 pound thruster that we posted? After the backlash he decided to confirm his place in one-rep max thruster history with a redo, this time with 360 pounds/163.2kg on the bar. #howyoulikemenow

Members of CrossFit Endure in Windsor, CO have started a “Penny Wars” fundraiser to benefit Turnagain CrossFit, the Alaskan affiliate that lost a member and had significant structural damage during a partial roof collapse on Friday, February 17.

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