Mayhem Mission Fights Human Trafficking With Fundraising Workout

March 1, 2023 by
Photo Credit: CrossFit Mayhem
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On March 25, the members of CrossFit Mayhem and all of the affiliates using Mayhem programming will band together for a common goal. They will complete a workout while raising awareness and funds to fight human trafficking. 

The workout: Designed by Rich Froning Jr., the Mayhem for Freedom workout has two different options – equipment and equipment-free. Both versions support people that don’t have a fully-stocked gym at their disposal, so there is no need for a GHD or other fancy equipment.

  • Equipment: The first version is a 12-minute AMRAP. Participants must complete 20 toes-to-bar, 40 thrusters (45/35 pounds), and 100 double-unders. 
  • Equipment-free: The second version of the workout is also a 12-minute AMRAP. Participants must complete 20 sit-ups, 40 air squats, and 100 line hops or jumping jacks.

One big thing: Mayhem Mission, the giving arm of CrossFit Mayhem, has four pillars that it uses to support those in need. Human trafficking is the first pillar, clean water is the second, at-risk youth is the third, and unreached people groups are the fourth. Mayhem Mission uses each quarter to focus on one of the pillars. 

  • Now in its third year, the Mayhem for Freedom event will provide fitness enthusiasts with an opportunity to fight what they hate by doing something that they love – tackling a workout that is sneaky hard.  
  • Getting the community involved in the awareness-raising workout is one goal of Mayhem for Freedom. Another is raising funds for Atlas Free, a nonprofit organization that fights human trafficking
  • There are two ways to help raise funds for Atlas Free. Purchasing the official Mayhem for Freedom shirt ($30 USD) is one. Community members can also donate money through the Mayhem Mission website

Ben Brus, Mayhem Mission Director: “We love coming alongside organizations that are already doing amazing work in our four areas that we focus on and just empowering and equipping them with all the resources they need to continue to do that great work. This is just one example of that with Atlas Free. We’re just blessed and honored to be able to partner with them.”

There is meaning behind the numbers in this workout. 12 stands for the average of 12 people that are freed each week. 20 stands for the 20 countries where Rescue Freedom is actively fighting. 40 stands for the estimated 40 million people currently enslaved around the world. Finally, 100 indicates that 100 percent of net proceeds will go directly to Atlas Free.

The expectation is that the community will show up to show support. Mayhem has 1,400 gyms following the Mayhem Affiliate programming, and they will all have Mayhem for Freedom as the March 25 WOD. Similarly, the Mayhem Athlete subscribers will also have this workout show up in the app. 

  • The other reason for the optimism is something that has specifically surfaced among the Mayhem affiliates. The owners have come together to support each other during trying times. They have become like a family, and this should only continue as they try to make a difference in the battle against human trafficking. 

Christi Novak, Mayhem Affiliate Business Coordinator: “I really think the affiliate numbers are going to be through the roof and their support this year for this because we really all feel like we’re all Mayhem athletes and we’re all in it. 

“And if we join together, we can really create a real impact. We all understand that fitness can be used as a further purpose. And that this is our way of doing that and really creating that impact.”

Get involved: If members of the CrossFit community want to participate in the Mayhem for Freedom event, they can register on the competition website.  They can then tune in for the Mayhem livestream on March 25 and do the workout alongside Rich Froning Jr. and other members of CrossFit Mayhem. The event will officially begin at 10:30 AM CT, and the workout should begin at 10:50 AM CT. 

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