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Open Workout 22.2 is Here and We’ve Got You Covered

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Ukrainian CrossFitters in U.S. share emotional experience of watching Russian invasion
  • 22.2 is here, and we’ve got you covered for all your Open needs
  • Is Justin Medeiros poised for his best Open ever?
  • Why the ketogenic diet is a bad idea for athletes
  • Paulina Haro talks her move from Mexico to train with Tia-Clair Toomey
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“Everything has been figured out, except how to live.” - Jean-Paul Sartre

  Shock, Fear and Gratitude: Two Ukrainian CrossFit Athletes in the U.S. Speak About Their Experience  

Shock, Fear and Gratitude: Two Ukrainian CrossFit Athletes in the U.S. Speak About Their Experience

Zhanna Hurska never thought of herself as being all that patriotic to her native land of Ukraine, where she lived until she was 21 before moving to the U.S.

“Neither was my sister,” said 41-year-old Hurska, a long-time member at CrossFit PFT in Highwood, Il., which is located about 30 miles north of Chicago.

But all that changed last week when Russia launched a full-scale offensive on the eastern part of Ukraine, leaving Hurska and her family, who live in Drohobych—a city in western Ukraine, 45 miles from the Polish border—feeling more patriotic than ever.

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Stay I.T.K On All Things R.A.D

Stay I.T.K On All Things R.A.D

After Danielle Brandon crushed the 22.1 announcement in her R.A.D® ONE’s…we needed to take a closer look.

The R.A.D® team designs all their products with three criteria in mind – Performance, Aesthetics, and The Future.

Meaning everything they do helps you protect the planet, perform better in your workout, and look damn good while doing it.

Stay in the know on all things R.A.D by following them on Instagram to hear about new drops, latest releases, and big announcements.


The 2022 CrossFit Open 

22.2 Workout Description

  • For time:
    1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps for time of:
    Bar-facing burpees
    M: 225-lb barbell
    W: 155-lb barbell
    Time cap: 10 minutes

Here is the complete 22.2 workout description and strategy guides.

ICYMI: 22.2 Live Announcement.

Thinking about 22.3 already? Our Movement Tracker is up-to-date.

In case you missed it, Lauren Kalil was joined by Tommy Marquez for our 22.2 live pre-show. Check it out, because we had none other than Patrick Vellner kicking things off. 😎

Here are a few more speed reads:

Wowzers, NOBULL is now the official training footwear and apparel of the PGA TOUR. Talk about a hole in one.🏌🏻

HSTL. Made, which is run by Craig Richey, who we just profiled, has signed another athlete and it’s none other than Serbian phenom Luka Đukić.

Hola! The Madrid Championship returns to the mythical and unique Caja Mágica, in Madrid from Sept. 9-11.

Interesting read about how sleep apnea could be linked to low testosterone and a higher rate of death in bigger guys, even if they are athletic.

  Justin Medeiros Poised for His Best Open Ever  

Justin Medeiros Poised for His Best Open Ever

In preparing for all things Open this season, I noticed current “Fittest Man on Earth”, Justin Medeiros, has to this point not managed to finish in the top 50 worldwide for any open, which in turn led me to ask three questions:

  1. How have other Games champions done in the Opens before and after winning the Games?
  2. Why has Medeiros not done well (relative to his back to back podium finishes at the Games) in the Open to this point in his career?
  3. Is he ultimately poised for his best Open finish yet?
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  Why Keto is Bad for Athletes  


Why Keto is Bad for Athletes

The ketogenic diet continues to be a diet of interest within the sports performance space. Within CrossFit, articles and mentions of the keto diet began appearing on the site around 2019 and became the dietary preference of CrossFit founder Greg Glassman. It seems to be a natural progression of the once popular Paleo diet. Scale up the fat even more, scale down the carbs and protein, and you have the ketogenic diet.

If some fat is good, more fat must be amazing. It has become a keynote topic of the last several CrossFit Health conferences and well known keto authors and advocates frequently guest write for CrossFit’s website and speak at CrossFit events.

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  Why Keto is Bad for Athletes  

Paulina Haro Makes Move From Mexico to Train In Person at PRVN Training Camp

Mexican Paulina Haro is starting her 2022 season aging up into the women’s Individual division under the watchful eye of the Fittest Woman on Earth’s training camp, PRVN. After finishing third in the Girls 16-17 division last year, Haro decided her individual career would begin in Nashville, Tennessee alongside none other than Tia-Clair Toomey herself.

“I think I made this move because of my parents,” said Haro. “They always support me and when I was training in Mexico they were like, ‘You need to go over there and train with them because you’re part of the PRVN team.’”

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  The Workout of the Week – 22.2  

The Workout of the Week – 22.2

This week’s workout of the week comes from the CrossFit Games and it’s Open workout 22.2. While we normally feature a workout programmed by a CrossFit Games athlete, many of you are already doing the Open on Friday nights. We will resume our regularly programmed workouts after the Open.

  • 22.2
    • For time:
    • 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps for time of:
    • Deadlifts
    • Bar-facing burpees
    • M: 225-lb barbell
    • W: 155-lb barbell
    • Time cap: 10 minutes

For tips and strategies for tackling this workout, we’ve assembled a list of strategy guides from around the CrossFit industry.



Learning To Breathe With Chris Hinshaw and Jason Khalipa

Chris Hinshaw joined the Effort Over Everything podcast with Jason Khalipa to discuss running on a self-propelled treadmill vs. running on the road, drills that help athletes learn to breathe, and how the sport of fitness is going.




Get the Tea on 22.2

KILL CLIFF Ignite has 150mg of naturally sourced, clean energy filled with antioxidants. Green Tea caffeine is absorbed slowly in your body, providing a more consistent lift compared to the harsh spike and crash from the synthetic ingredients found in traditional energy drinks. Make the better choice.



Four Exercises Using a Foam Roller

Did you know, a foam roller can be used for more than torturing your aching muscles? Here are four accessory exercises using a foam roller to provide an unstable surface or cue to help you build some serious strength.



A Pair of $55 Nano X

Not a drill. You can pick up a pair of the Reebok Nano X today for just $55. Or two pairs for $110. Or three get the idea. Use code "NANO55" at checkout to grab this exclusive deal. Shop now to make sure you don't miss out.



Scott Panchik's Top Five Tips for Double Unders

Looking for some expert pointers on getting your first double unders? Well, here's a man who has done quite a few. Check out Scott Panchik's top tips for getting more dubs in the Open.


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  • 🎂 Happy birthday, Elijah “EZ” Muhammad.
  • Congratulations Rebecca Fuselier from CrossFit Bolt in Coppell, TX on the 205 pound/93kg power clean PR.
  • Congratulations Austin Nelson from CrossFit Lubbock in Lubbock, TX on the power clean of 350 pounds/159kg.
  • PRVN athlete Paulina Haro cycles three power cleans at 230 pound/104kg.
  • Congratulations Mike Pace from NYPD CrossFit in New York, NY on your first ring muscle-up.
  • Congratulations Danielle Lee Hanley from CrossFit 201 in Oakland, NJ on tackling the discomfort of inversion and completing nine wall walks in Open workout 22.1.
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6/10: Summer Fling Beatdown 2023 (Pleasanton, CA)
6/10: Girls Gone Rx Canada: Quebec (Quebec, CA)
6/10: Best Babes Michigan (Brighton, MI)
6/10: Best Babes Clearwater (Clearwater, FL)
6/10: Best Babes Albany (Glenmont, NY)
6/10: Girls Gone Rx Fayetteville (Spring Lake, NC)
6/10: Midcoast Off the Rails (Old Saybrook, CT)
6/10: Battle By the Bay Fitness Championship (Atlantic Highlands, NJ)
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6/10: Girls Gone Rx NorCal (Petaluma, CA)
6/10: Best Babes South Dakota (Rapid City, SD)
6/10: Gilrs Gone Rx Chicago (Chicago, IL)
6/10 - 6/11: Battle By The Bay (Atlantic Highlands, NJ)
6/10: RIFL Summer Slam (Manteo, NC)
6/10: Girls Gone RX Nashville (Nashville, TN)
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6/17: 23′ North County Throwdown (Carlsbad, CA)
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6/17: Mayhem In Montana 2023 (Kalispell, MT)
6/17: Brooklyn Fit Fest 2023 (Brooklyn, NY)
6/17: Mayhem & Massacre @ CrossFit Murrieta (Murrieta, CA)
6/24: The Phoenix Classic (Asbury Park, NJ)
6/24: Backyahd Games (Johnston, RI)
6/24: 4th Annual Wicked Summer Throwdown (Middleton, MA)
6/24: Heroes in the Heartland 2023 (Sedalia, MO)
6/25: Solent Series Masters Pairs (Southampton, United Kingdom)
7/7 - 7/9: Napolithrowdown (Napoli, Italy)
7/8: Summer Solstice (Tucson, AZ)
7/8 - 7/9: Ligurian Throwdown (Busalla, Italy)
7/8 - 7/9: Andorra Fitness Challenge (Andorra la Vella, Andorra)
7/15: Summer Sizzler (Limestone, TN)
7/15 - 7/16: Fresh Coast Games (Muskegon, MI)
7/15: Battle of the Beast (Hudson, NY)
7/15: Lumberjack Athletics “Battle of the Beast” (Hudson, NY)
7/15 - 7/16: 5Ton-5K Festival (Federalsburg, MD)
7/16: Warrior Affiliate League Summer Classic (Apple Valley, CA)
7/22: Barbells For Bullies New Jersey (Roxbury twp, NJ)
7/29: Model City Madness (Anniston, AL)
8/5 - 8/6: Black Sheep Games 6 (Boca Raton, FL)
8/5: Summer Steamer Throwdown 2023 (Salem, MA)

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