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ROKA Signs Top Athletes, Makes CrossFit Debut at Rogue

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In today’s edition:

  • ROKA x Rogue: The eyewear brand breaks into the CrossFit market with big athlete partners and major collab
  • Opinion – What are some the must-have products for postpartum CrossFit moms
  • How to watch the 2023 Rogue Invitational and schedule of events
  • Want to get fitter in between watching fitness races at Rogue? Check out where to catch a workout in Austin

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  ROKA Enters the Eyewear Arena at the Rogue Invitational  

ROKA Enters the Eyewear Arena at the Rogue Invitational

For many years, ROKA has been known for producing some of the most innovative performance gear when it came to triathlons.

Head over to any Ironman race and you’ll find hundreds of athletes donning ROKA goggles, sunglasses, wetsuits and swimskins, including the most recent Ironman world champion, Lucy Charles.

One big thing: This year, ROKA is hoping to bring their elite performance gear to a new field of athletes, the Fittest on Earth.

  • This week, the Rogue Invitational will kick off in Austin, TX, where the Austin brand will make its grand debut in the CrossFit arena as one of the main sponsors of the event.
  • Standing beside other giants in the CrossFit world and beyond including, Concept2, TYR, Mayhem Athlete, and Crocs, ROKA hopes to bring their innovative eyewear to the functional fitness space.

Remind me: While the Rogue Invitational might be one of their largest platforms to date, ROKA has already begun making headway into the functional fitness space, with athletes like Fittest Woman on earth, Laura Horvath sporting their functional eyewear.

  • ROKA has also begun partnerships with several other CrossFit Games veterans, including ten-time competitor Noah Ohlsen, eight-time competitor Brooke Wells, and this year’s Seventh Fittest Man, Chandler Smith.
  • “They represent the core spirit of sport, and together their pursuit of excellence is what keeps us driving forward at ROKA,” said CEO and founder Rob Canales.
  • Not only is ROKA partnering with athletes, they are also collaborating with Rogue Fitness on the ROKA x Rogue sunglasses that will be available at Dell Diamond during the event.

More than just a phase: While some sponsored partnerships on social media can come across as superficial, from an athlete perspective, ROKA’s entrance into the market has been extremely organic.

  • Several high-level athletes purchased and wore the lenses on their own without any incentive from ROKA long before they even decided to enter the functional fitness market.
  • Prior to joining the ROKA team, Brooke Wells trained in ROKA eyewear for four years.
  • “Their products are honestly the best I’ve ever worn for training,” Wells said in a recent Instagram post.
  • “The eyewear blends cutting-edge performance with everyday wearability. They’re lightweight, comfortable and most importantly, they don’t move when I’m sweating during workouts!” she continued.
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🎙️ 🎙️ The Weekly Buzz: Check out the new collab between the Morning Chalk Up and Kettlebells and Cocktails and get caught up on some of the top community, affiliate, and sport stories of the week.

  • On this week’s episode: Joe and Niki discuss the Rogue Invitational roster and workouts, Tyson Bagent made a splash in his first NFL start bringing some attention to the CrossFit methodology, a surprising study suggests fit people are lazy outside the gym, Nike makes a big play, and more.

2POOD x CrossFit: Check out this cool giveaway from 2POOD. You can enter to win a CrossFit Certification Course or Credential of your choice and the new “100 Words” 4″ Weightlifting belt. All you have to do is enter your email address for a chance to win.

Rogue Iron Game Premium: The Rogue Invitational is coming this week and along with the regular live stream, Rogue Fitness is offering a premium option that includes the ability to toggle between cameras, a featured athlete cam, live chats and Q&A, multiview, and more.

ICYMI: 23 Questions with 2023 CrossFit Games Rookie of the Year, Olivia Kerstetter.

  Opinion – From the Right Nursing Bra to a Postpartum Fitness Program: The Essentials for the New CrossFit Mom  


Opinion – From the Right Nursing Bra to a Postpartum Fitness Program: The Essentials for the New CrossFit Mom

After spending all of zero dollars during my pregnancy on maternity clothing—thank goodness for stretchy leggings and my husband’s XL T-shirts!—it instantly became clear when my baby Ozzie was born at the end of the summer that postpartum would be a different game.

Being a new mother is challenging enough, and I quickly realized that anything I could do to make my life a little more comfortable and convenient, not to mention speed up my body’s rehab so I could get back to fitness, was going to be a huge help. In other words, having the right tools for the job was essential.

So there I was breastfeeding at 2 AM, sleep deprived, yet wired and riding the postpartum high, aggressively shopping on Amazon for all the things I thought I needed to navigate the first weeks of motherhood.

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  How to Watch the 2023 Rogue Invitational and Schedule of Events  

How to Watch the 2023 Rogue Invitational and Schedule of Events

The Rogue Invitational returns to Round Rock, Texas (just north of Austin) this weekend, and will include four days of competition: Thursday, October 26th through Sunday, October 29th.

How to watch: The video feed for CrossFit and Strongman events will be streamed live on YouTube. There is also an Iron Game Premium option which includes exclusive live feeds, chats, multiview, Q&A and more.

Who’s competing: Here’s the full roster of athletes throwing down this weekend.

Planning on going? Weekend passes and single-day tickets are still available if you want to catch the action in person in the Lone Star state. And, don’t forget to check out our suggestions for where to eat, drink, and workout (coming soon).

The Morning Chalk Up team will be providing onsite coverage of the competition including highlights, photos and daily recaps on our website and Instagram page.

Schedule of Events as of Monday, October 23:

For the most recent updates, check the schedule on our Rogue event hub.

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  Where to Workout in Austin During the 2023 Rogue Invitational  

Where to Workout in Austin During the 2023 Rogue Invitational

If you are heading to the Rogue Invitational this week, there is no need to schedule your rest days while in Texas!

There are tons of amazing CrossFit affiliates in and around the Austin and Round Rock area–here is your guide.

1.Defiant CrossFit

16801 Radholme Court, Suite A – Round Rock, TX 78664

Defiant is just over six miles from the venue, and they have a lot planned for the Rogue Invitational. Classes start at 5:15 AM Monday through Friday, with Open Gym starting at 5 AM Saturday and 9:15 AM Sunday. The full class schedule can be found here. 

During the week of Rogue, drop-ins are $25 for one class, and a week pass (max of six classes is $60). You can purchase a drop-in or a punch card here.

  • Bethanny Flores, Alex Gazan, Victor Hoffer, and Jay Crouch will be at Defiant for a meet and greet and a Q and A on Wednesday, October 25, from 2:30 PM – 4 PM. A donation to Austin Bulldog Rescue is asked to be made to attend the event.
  • Thursday, October 26 – Sunday, October 29th – HWPO Training
  • Friday, October 27 – NOBULL Workout 
  • Defiant will be hosting a workout with NOBULL and Justin Medeiros at 7 AM on Friday. Defiant coaches and Justin will lead attendees through a great workout. Stay after the workout for an exclusive meet and greet with Justin.
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