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Rookie Abbie Domit prepares for the 2023 CrossFit Games

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In today’s edition:

  • Learn about CrossFit Camden-Frontier, a non-profit affiliate
  • Abbie Domit found CrossFit during COVID, now she’s headed to the Games
  • Check out five women who flew under the radar but cruised through Semifinals

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  The Growth of Crossfit Camden-Frontier, A Non-Profit Affiliate  

The Growth of Crossfit Camden-Frontier, A Non-Profit Affiliate

Camden, MI teacher Jeff Fisher has been teaching for 13 years and CrossFitting for six. In a small town surrounded by corn and wheatfields, Fisher was teaching at a small K-12 public school with approximately 500 kids, coaching many sports and getting burned out.

Through a combination of parents, students, and athletes not listening or being coachable, Fisher was discouraged about how poor the sports programs were at his school, and one day, he got tired of complaining.

  • “I wanted to think of a solution. And I’m not wanting to just sit back and just complain- I want to be involved. I want to help out,” he said.

Fisher was a mainstay at CrossFit Timoro, where coach Matt Young helped to change his life. Shortly after starting at Timoro, he got his L-1 and began coaching, and the thought of creating a CrossFit space at his school started to take shape. He planned to start the program in the summer of 2019, but Covid threw the schedule for a loop. However, it also brought more help to the cause.

  • “I think this all kind of started when COVID was going on. There was so much health and mental wellness money available, especially for public schools. And our PE teacher, who was also a CrossFitter at the time, asked for some of that money to be used to buy a rig in our weight room. And so, we got a 25-foot rig.“
  • “And I thought to myself, well, if the superintendent and the school board are going to approve that money that easily, then maybe I’ll get together some odds and ends, so I got together probably $15,000 worth of stuff. And the superintendent was behind it, and the school board was behind it.”

Fisher continued to hustle to put more money into the space. “We have a really cool community foundation called the Hillsdale Community Foundation. I applied for two separate grants, both about $5,000. One of the grants was another kind of senior and youth health and mental wellness grant, and the other one is another grant that teenagers run.”

  • Through all his work applying for grants, Fisher brought in about $27,000 worth of equipment. “We got rowers,bikes, new barbells, new bumper plates, wallballs and odds and ends that we’ve been using to run the program. So, it’s pretty cool.”
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 ❤️ ❤️ Local Love: Sag Harbor, a 60-year-old Long Island athlete who is headed to the CrossFit Games was recently featured in his local paper.

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  With Relentless Drive, Rookie Abbie Domit Prepares for the 2023 Games  


With Relentless Drive, Rookie Abbie Domit Prepares for the 2023 Games

Over the last three years, 25 year old Games rookie Abbie Domit has been executing a plan.

Her first introduction to CrossFit was during 2020, amidst major COVID restrictions. She wasn’t working and had excess time to devote to her new hobby. Almost immediately she knew she was going to pursue it professionally.

Domit decided that year one’s focus was going to be increasing her overall fitness. Year two was all about improving skill, adding volume, and fine-tuning technique. In year three, she would compete at the CrossFit Games. Earlier this spring, at the North America West Semifinal, Domit placed 8th, thus granting her a ticket to Madison and aligning precisely with the plan she made as a brand new CrossFitter back in 2020.

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  Lost in the Shuffle: Five Women who Flew Under the Radar, Yet Cruised their Way to Madison  

Lost in the Shuffle: Five Women who Flew Under the Radar, Yet Cruised their Way to Madison

One of the biggest changes this season in the CrossFit Games qualification process was the number of invites up for grabs at the most competitive Semifinals.

At the North America West, North America East and Europe Semifinal, women were vying for 10 or 11 Games tickets, more than twice as many as years gone by.

Remind me: Both in the Regionals days, and at Semifinals in 2021 and 2022, only five spots were available in North American and European regions. But this year, CrossFit LLC reduced the number of Semifinals from 10 to seven, meaning the number of competitors increased from 30 to 60, while the number of invites in the most competitive regions essentially doubled.

  • This, not only, created a slightly different competition for the athletes, but it also affected the fan experience, as it was more challenging to keep track of how everyone was doing. Essentially, the two places we paid the most attention to were the dramatic race for the podium and the volatile and always-changing bubble—the spots between eighth and 15th—arguably at the expense of the not-as-flashy, but consistent performers in the middle.

These athletes—the quiet qualifiers—maybe didn’t ever make waves by winning a workout, nor were they ever really in the podium conversation, but they hung out solidly in the final heat and were never really in jeopardy of falling out of a qualification position, and yet they got lost in the shuffle of the weekend.

Meet Five Silent Assassins of the 2023 Semifinals

Fee Saghafi: Saghafi finished eighth at the North America East Semifinal, although she was sixth after Day 1 and seventh after Day 2, and never dropped out of the top eight all weekend.

  • Saghafi was never flashy but had two top 10 finishes—her highest finish was sixth on Test 2—helping her quietly, but confidently punched her ticket to Madison for the second time, a feat she had been trying to do since qualifying for the first time in 2019.

Paige Powers: A former teen podium finisher, a 2022 Games rookie and the 2023 Wodapalooza champion, Paige Powers showed up in Orlando, FL with poise and confidence that helped the 20-year-old keep herself in a safe spot all weekend at the North America East Semifinal.

  • Powers was eighth after Day 1 and fifth after Day 2 before eventually finishing sixth overall, 171 points ahead of the final qualification spot (11th). Even more impressive, Powers had six top 10 finishes, her highest placing being third on Test 3, proving that consistency is truly the key.

Christine Kolenbrander: After topping her weekend with back-to-back top 10 finishes, 2022 CrossFit Games rookie Christine Kolenbrander qualified in fourth out of the North America West Semifinal.

  • Though she came close to the podium in the end, missing it by 18 points, she wasn’t really in the podium conversation all weekend, possibly because she never had an event win.
  • Kolenbrander’s highest finish was third on the max snatch (205 pounds), and she also had four top 10 finishes. What set her apart, however, was that she never had a finish lower than 20th. In comparison, Alex Gazan, who topped all competitors had a 43rd place finish, while second place finisher Katrin Davidsdottir’s lowest placing was 23rd.

Matilde Garnes: Norway’s Matilde Garnes is another who cruised her way to a CrossFit Games ticket thanks to her consistent performance in Europe, which helped her qualify in sixth place.

  • Garnes, a 2022 Games rookie, was seventh after Day 1 and sixth after Day 2 with a solid 78-point buffer over the 12th place athlete at the time. She was able to do this all without a top three finish all weekend (her highest finish was fourth on Test Five).
  • That being said, Garnes logged three top 10 finishes, and never fell out of the top 19 on any event, helping her stay confidently above the cut line from start to finish in Berlin, Germany.

Manon Angonese: Belgium’s Manon Angonese had an eerily similar-looking weekend to Garnes. Sixth after Day 1 and seventh after Day 2, Angonese scooped up four top 10 finishes en route to making Games qualification look all too easy.

  • Particularly noteworthy: The 30-year-old will be a rookie this summer in Madison.

The big picture: Though they didn’t have any exciting, come-from-behind Baylee Rayl or Emily Rolfe-style comebacks at Semis this season, Saghafi, Kolenbrander, Powers, Garnes and Angonese shouldn’t be overlooked this summer.

Their power is their consistency, and considering the Games will likely feature twice as many tests of fitness than Semis, consistency over flash, is even more likely to set athletes apart.



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