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Roza’s New Approach 2021 and Beyond

Morning Chalk Up

November 12   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk up. Tommy Marquez sat down with new CrossFit CEO Eric Roza for an exclusive interview. Learn more below. And, Patrick Vellner and Brent Fikowski are getting ready to face-off in the Lock-Down Bro-Down.

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  Eric Roza Lays Out New Approach, Details For 2021 And Beyond  

Eric Roza Lays Out New Approach, Details For 2021 And Beyond

CrossFit owner and CEO Eric Roza joined the Talking Elite Fitness podcast yesterday and he revealed some exciting new details about the future direction of the sport in addition to expanding upon some previously stated developments and points of focus from his team during their first few months at the helm.

One big thing: Roza made it clear that CrossFit is all in on the proliferation of the sport on a global scale — which includes his previously stated goal of 500,000 registrants for the 2021 Open — but maintained that the new regimes approach toward the sport and achieving growth will be much different and the net effect on the greater ecosystem will be greater as a result.

  • Roza: “I found the narrative that a focus on the Games is bad, is at the expense of the affiliates, I didn’t find that to be a widely held belief. Some people definitely felt that way, but I felt it was more in the way the stories were told and the fact that we didn’t see the sport of CrossFit as being in service of the affiliates.”

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  Jeffrey Adler Proves He Belongs with the Elite  

Jeffrey Adler Proves He Belongs with the Elite

Though he finished last amongst the five finalists of stage two at the Reebok CrossFit Games, Jeffrey Adler was able to prove not only to himself but to the world that he belongs amongst the best CrossFit athletes. The Games was a continuation of his five year ascent into the upper echelons of the men’s division.

One big thing: The native of Montreal, Canada was still a relative unknown athlete heading into the final stage. What was known about the 26-year old is that he was considered one of the strongest athletes in the Games field.

More insight: If an event featured a heavy barbell more than likely it would play to his favor. He also thrived in traditional CrossFit workouts that featured low volume gymnastics. Those two strengths helped him in the Open where he paced fifth overall and actually was the Canadian national champion, finishing ahead of well-known countrymen like Patrick Vellner and Brent Fikowski. What the Games showed us was the flaws in his game and what he needs to work on to continue his rise and to challenge consistently for a podium spot.

Remind me: Adler’s CrossFit journey started with the 2016 Open as a 22-year old, finishing 2,709th worldwide. The following year he improved to 410th before making some noise during the 2018 season.

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  Vellner and Fikowski Announce the “Lock-Down Bro-Down,” Coming November 20  

Vellner and Fikowski Announce the “Lock-Down Bro-Down,” Coming November 20

On Tuesday, Patrick Vellner and Brent Fikowski announced the “Lock-Down Bro-Down” to take place on November 20 at 8 AM PT (11 AM ET).

One big thing: Reebok athletes Vellner and Fikowski are itching for a little friendly competition. They will take each other on in a Zoom workout on November 20. You can show your support by grabbing a Team Vellner or a Team Fikowski t-shirt.

Some details: Vellner and Fikowski have challenged each other, but this isn’t a simple one on one, both athletes want you on their team.

The bottom line: The Open is now scheduled for February 18, 2021, so we are in an off-season lull. This is a super cool throwdown to watch and grab some gear as you support your favorite athlete.

  Vellner and Fikowski Announce the “Lock-Down Bro-Down,” Coming November 20  

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  CrossFit Low Oxygen Becomes the First  

CrossFit Low Oxygen Becomes the First "Fit To Recover" Affiliate

In mid-October, CrossFit Low Oxygen in Frisco, CO, became the first affiliate of Fit to Recover, a Utah-based organization creating community for those in recovery.

One big thing: Along with owning a gym, helping people has always been a dream for Jared and Taneil Dennis, who run CrossFit Low Oxygen.

The Dennises are new owners of the Frisco gym (they closed on the purchase the day COVID forced the gym’s doors closed), but say they knew before owning an affiliate that they “aspired to create something that could help people, not just with exercise, but also help people who were struggling in other ways.”

  • For myself, I came from a family with lots of substance misuse including my father and brother,” says Taneil Dennis.
  • I knew that the propensity for drug abuse was there and I learned that exercise was a way to replace that with something healthy,” she continues. “COVID was a challenging time for everyone which prompted us to start thinking about ways that we could help people who were struggling.”
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The Perfect Rowing Workout for Masters

Shane Farmer from Dark Horse Rowing reviews some literature and studies on the benefits of rowing as we age. Take a look and learn how to row for general fitness as we age between the years of 40 to 80.




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Eight Exercises to Avoid as a Pregnant Athtete

If you are expecting, check out this great piece from the Brute Strength blog. It's not saying don't work out, but it is advising some important modifications as you do. It's no longer a race, don't worry about "for time," and monitor what exercises ask you to hold your breath or compromise your posture. There's a lot more in the piece.



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  • Regan Huckaby does a clean complex at 230 pounds.
  • Happy Birthday Alison Scudds.
  • Wesley Hamilton strict presses 180 pounds for a PR.
  • Nairobi Romero front squats 270 pounds for 3 for a 10 pound PR.
  • Emma Gardner split jerks 235 pounds for a 20 pound PR.
  • Leon Williamson deadlifts 616 pounds for a PR.
  • Jadiza Oronati-Phillips snatches 170 pounds for a PR.

Community Round-Up

Our community round-up today features some new class offerings and fundraisers, check them out below:

  • 1:1 Nutrition Counseling: At Chimney Rock CrossFit in Bridgewater, CT the coaching team is offering a 1:1 nutrition counseling and consultation program. Through the program, a coach will learn about you, your lifestyle, your workouts and your goals, then prescribe a nutrition plan to meet your needs The counseling will provide the structure and accountability needed to change eating habits and ensure lifelong success. Check it out.
  • 24-Hour Fundraiser for Vets: For the third year, CrossFit Kokomo is hosting a 24-hour fundraiser to benefit Jackson Street Commons. Beginning at 12 AM on Saturday, Nov. 14, workouts will be held each hour until Nov. 15, and the community is invited to participate. While there’s no charge, participants are asked to bring a donation that will go to Jackson Street Commons, which currently is housing 27 previously-homeless veterans. Learn more.
  • Murph Challenge: Danny Morgan, from Southampton, England has undertaken a 48-hour Murph Challenge to benefit Help for Heroes Official. Learn more and donate!
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