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Sara Sigmundsdóttir  and Katelin Van Zyl Host Women’s Lifting Event

Morning Chalk Up

November 28   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • In the lead up to Down Under Championship, Sara Sigmundsdóttir  and Katelin Van Zyl host women’s lifting event
  • Which bodybuilding movements will help you improve in CrossFit?
  • CrossFit and the CrossFit MKT community helped Samantha Shea Lemoins prepare for amputation surgery

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“But above all, in order to be, never try to seem.” - Albert Camus

  Sara Sigmundsdóttir and Katelin Van Zyl Host Empowering Women’s Lifting Event in Brisbane, Australia  

Sara Sigmundsdóttir and Katelin Van Zyl Host Empowering Women’s Lifting Event in Brisbane, Australia

Sara Sigmundsdóttir and Katelin Van Zyl hosted an intimate women’s lifting event on November 21, at LSKD HQ, in Brisbane, Australia, with 50 women in attendance.

The event focused on empowering women to embrace the wonderful things their bodies can do, instead of worrying about what their bodies look like, as Sigmundsdóttir shared on her Instagram post:

  • “It’s so cool to see us females being a step closer of not (sic) being obsessed about aesthetics rather focusing on what are (sic) body and our mind is capable of and our body showing us the reward of our hard work.”
  • “Contributing to normalizing the strong and muscular female body types still continues to be one of my main goals in life.”

Both CrossFit Games athletes are passionate about promoting strength training for women, as Van Zyl shares:

  • We love supporting and encouraging women to feel beautiful in their bodies and encouraging them to train.”

Van Zyl believes that strength training for women is hugely important for, “mental health, longevity of life and how amazing it makes you feel!”

Sigmundsdóttir, an Icelandic native, is currently in Australia and was preparing to compete as an Individual at the upcoming Down Under Championship, in Wollongong, Australia from Dec 1-3. Unfortunately, a setback in her training forced her to withdraw.

As a brand ambassador for LSKD, she is one of several international athletes who are in attendance at Australia’s largest off-season CrossFit competition, the Down Under Championship.

Other international athletes that will be making the trip down under to compete at the Down Under Championship include Chandler Smith (USA), Noah Ohlsen (USA), Tola Morakinyo (USA), Dani Speegle (USA), Emily Rethwill (USA), Jessi Smith (USA), and Anikha Greer (Canada).

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Sara WD: With just a few short days until the Down Under Championship kicks off, Icelandic fan favorite, Sara Sigmundsdottir, announced on Instagram that she had to withdraw due to a setback in her training. The DUC will be held this week, December 1-3, in Wollongong, Australia.

  • From the post: “I had signed up for the Down Under Championship and was looking so much forward to competing there. Exactly the type of competition to get me back in the competitive mindset. However, as I have had some minor setbacks, I have made the hard decision of withdrawing from the competition. It’s the only sensible option when I look at the bigger picture.”

🥇 🥇 🥇Record Breaker: The Fittest Teen in the World, the UK’s Lucy McGonigle, took nine records at the Northern Ireland Weightlifting Championships last week. McGonigle competed in the 71kg (156.2 pounds) division:

  • She recorded an 85kg (187 pounds) snatch, 108kg clean and jerk (238 pounds), and 193kg (424.6 pounds) total. She set records for all three in three different age divisions (U17, U20, and U23).

Live Like Lou: NOBULL and local CrossFit affiliates are partnering with the Live Like Lou Foundation for a special workout and fundraiser on January 27, 2024. Learn how you or your gym can participate.

  • “The Lou” workout was created by Sunshine CrossFit owner Deb Austin and inspired by CrossFit Games Athlete, former gym owner, and ALS advocate Rainer Hartmann, who was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease in 2022.

2023 Games Drug Testing Update: Four-time South African Games veteran Jason Smith’s drug violation appeal was denied by CrossFit HQ. His four-year sanction will begin from the test positive date of May 21, 2023.

ICYMI: What we know about the 2023 Dubai Fitness Championship so far.

  How Bodybuilding Movements Can Make You a Better Crossfitter  


How Bodybuilding Movements Can Make You a Better Crossfitter

In the CrossFit community “Bodybuilding” is often viewed negatively and is most often associated with a shortened range of motion on many movements (half reps), long rests, lack of functional movements, lack of mobility, and generally just unhealthy habits.

The CrossFit methodology has fortunately solved a lot of this, and we have created super humans that are functionally stronger, healthier, and have a broader-based fitness than the average bodybuilder, but that doesn’t mean that bodybuilding doesn’t have anything to offer us at all.

In fact, if you’ve been paying attention over the past year or so you would have noticed that the bench press is starting to slowly creep its way into CrossFit.

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  CrossFit as Prehab for a Future Amputee  

CrossFit as Prehab for a Future Amputee

We, as CrossFitters, will get frustrated when we fail a back squat or miss a PR on a squat clean. It’s the same with handstand walking and locking out a heavy jerk. We often fail to appreciate that we have legs to walk with or arms and hands to hold things.

That is, of course, until they are taken from us.

Samantha Shea Lemoins knows precisely what it is like to have something taken away from her.

Lemoins suffered a life-changing accident on September 2nd, 2017, and recovery has been a long journey. Through experiencing a roller coaster of both awful and amazing moments of growth, she went through 6 surgeries in total. After heavy thought and consideration, Lemoins is now moving forward with a below-knee amputation (BKA).

  • Lemoins explains: “This was a big decision that has weighed heavily on not only myself but my family… I feel good about this decision, but with it comes some additional stresses.”
  • “With this major surgery, there will be additional, large medical bills, the need for additional equipment in our home, a wheelchair that will allow me to get back to work and my students ASAP, a prosthetic, and all of the rehabilitation that comes along with it.”

Lemoins is a member of CrossFit MKT located in Columbia, MO, and like any CrossFit community, they jumped in to help her. Bree Cunningham has been coaching CrossFit for almost three years and became close with Lemoins after she joined their affiliate.

Cunningham, who is dealing with her own physical limitations–she has had several knee surgeries–would often train with Lemoins in afternoon classes, where they would each modify the workouts.

Although an athlete earlier in life, Lemoins found CrossFit much later.

  • Cunningham explains how Lemoins found her affiliate: “Sam was asking about gyms that would be good for accommodating limitations. She reached out to us on social media, and one of our coaches suggested she come to our gym as prehab for her amputation.”
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