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Six Burning Questions from 2023, Answered

Morning Chalk Up

December 19   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Jason Khalipa’s NCFit releases its annual programming outlook, a compendium of data from the year and guide heading into 2024
  • Answering our six burning questions from the 2023 CrossFit Games season
  • Texas gym, CrossFit Iso, provides a program for athletes with cognitive and developmental disabilities

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Note from the Editor: We will be off next week for the holidays, but back in action on January 1 and ready to rock for the 2024 season!

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“It’s so important that this population has a program like this, especially after they leave the public school system…Obesity is often a problem for them after high school, so it’s so important that they continue to get out and get moving.” - Karrie Barnes, owner of CrossFit Iso, talking about her members with cognitive and developmental disabilities

  Jason Khalipa’s NCFIT Programming Outlook Reveals What’s to Come in 2024  

Jason Khalipa’s NCFIT Programming Outlook Reveals What’s to Come in 2024

Jason Khalipa holds an esteemed role as one of the CrossFit greats, not only for his title as the 2008 CrossFit Games champion or his eight subsequent Games appearances, but also as the owner of NCFit, an affiliate with two California locations that exemplifies top-notch coaching, programming, and community building.

Some background: Khalipa, along with NCFit, began selling affiliate programming, welcoming gyms into the NCFit Collective in 2017. Since then, NCFit has worked with countless affiliates worldwide, learning from extensive feedback from owners and coaches, continually tweaking and improving the affiliate programming they offer as a subscription.

In 2019, NCFit began releasing its Programming Outlook each year. This is for members (and potential members) of the NCFit Collective to see what lies ahead for the upcoming year and what changes have been made.

Just last week, the 2024 Programming Outlook was sent out, and we got a glimpse of how NCFit Collective affiliates will be training in the upcoming year.

Programming Outlook: The document opens with a personal note from Khalipa and Chief Fitness Officer Matt DellaValle, expressing gratitude for the community and their commitment to the development of their coaches.

  • “This isn’t just a bundle of workout and bullet-point tips – it’s a comprehensive system we’ve painstakingly designed to level up your coaching game, community engagement, and ultimately, your bottom line,” the Programming Outlook states.

The year 2023 is recapped in the document, with what worked and what didn’t, and the changes the NCFit team looks to make in 2024. This was based on a year’s worth of feedback from those using the programming, as well as the NCFit team themselves.

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TYR WZA Podcast Update: Ten-year CrossFit Games veteran and WZA fan favorite, Noah Ohlsen dropped by the TYR WZA podcast to chat with Guido Trinidad last week. Listen in as Ohlsen drops a team hint for 2024.

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ICYMI: What trended in CrossFit in 2023?

  Answers to Our Six Burning Questions About the 2023 Games Season  


Answers to Our Six Burning Questions About the 2023 Games Season

At the end of last year, our team came up with six burning questions regarding the upcoming 2023 season. The answers to these questions, we thought, would frame the big storylines of the year.

Now that the 2023 season is officially over, let’s review and see how each of them turned out:

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  Texas Gym Owner Provides Fitness to an Often-Overlooked Demographic  

Texas Gym Owner Provides Fitness to an Often-Overlooked Demographic

After working in special education in the public school system for 15 years, Karrie Barnes noticed a disturbing trend: A serious lack of physical education programs for those with cognitive and developmental disabilities after they graduate high school.

  • “After they leave the public education system, where do they go? What do they do?” Barnes said of what she had witnessed for years.

So, as an eight-year CrossFit veteran, Barnes took matters into her own hands.

In August 2022, she purchased CrossFit Iso in Carrollton, TX, with her husband, Leif Barnes, and immediately teamed up with Snap and Clap, a local day program that supports adults with special needs.

The details: Twice a week, Snap and Clap shows up with 10 of their members, most of whom are young adults in their early 20s with either Down syndrome or autism, and Barnes puts them through a workout of the day. This sometimes involves Tabata intervals, where they’re kept moving for the full hour, and other times, Barnes sets up circuits for the group.

  • “We also throw in some weight because they’re so intrigued by kettlebells, and the rowing machine is their favorite,” Barnes said.

Barnes’ program has only been around for three months, but it’s already making a difference in the lives of people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to a gym.

  • “It’s so important that this population has a program like this, especially after they leave the public school system…Obesity is often a problem for them after high school, so it’s so important that they continue to get out and get moving,” she said.
  • “I want to make sure they’re able to continue moving; that they’re able to get off the floor comfortably without assistance when they’re 45, when they’re 60. Most of them are always going to need support, but they also need a sense of independence,” Barnes added.

Nothing could be more rewarding for the coach.

  • “When they walk in the door, it’s all hugs and smiles. It fills my cup to have them here,” Barnes said. “You really get to see their personalities come out, and the parents are extremely grateful. They keep telling me it’s one of the favorite things they do.”

The big picture: This is just the start for Barnes. She plans to expand to other adult programs like Snap and Clap to provide access to as many special needs adults as she can.

“Being able to provide access is huge. Inclusivity is huge to me. And with this population, it’s hard for them to go to a regular gym and feel comfortable. That’s just not something they can necessarily do. But when they come to our gym, they feel accepted and welcomed. We’re providing that atmosphere, and it’s something that’s not easy to find,” she said.

  Texas Gym Owner Provides Fitness to an Often-Overlooked Demographic  

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