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Teams Take On Quarterfinals

Morning Chalk Up

April 24   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • The Team Quarterfinals are underway and rosters have been finalized.
  • Tommy takes on Team Quarterfinals programming.
  • CrossFit Seminar Staff members create bilingual programming service with an eye toward Latin American affiliates.

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“Most people who are criticizing and judging haven’t even tried what you failed at.” - David Goggins


  • Here are the top five teams on each continent after the first two scores were submitted, see the full leaderboard:
    • Oceania
      1. 64 Army Gold (3)
      2. Awaside (4)
      3. Reebok CrossFit Frankston (6)
      4. CrossFit Underway (8)
      5. Urban (11)
    • Europe
      1. From the Port (6)
      2. CrossFit Zurriola Training Culture (6)
      3. Team CrossFit Genas (7)
      4. CrossFit Oslo Wolfpack (9)
      5. Team Butcher’s Lab T-Bone (16)
    • Africa
      1. Eikestad Mighty Oaks (2)
      2. CrossFit Tijgar Valley (4)
      3. Lions Bay CrossFit (7)
      4. Howling Commandos (11)
      5. Eikestad Golden Oaks (12)
    • Asia
      1. Team Dubai (7)
      2. Redyar (7)
      3. Macpherson (10)
      4. Kolesnikov Team (11)
      5. Team Erada (11)
    • North America
      1. Pro1 Montreal (6)
      2. On Track (6)
      3. I1UVIT (6)
      4. CrossFit Mayhem Freedom (7)
      5. Invictus (9)
    • South America
      1. CFP9 (3)
      2. Team Kingbull (7)
      3. Fourmixxx Brazil (8)
      4. CrossFit Villa Luro (11)
      5. Q21 Hormiguero (12)
  • Here are the remaining Quarterfinals workouts:
    • Test 3:
    • M/M and F/F pairs each complete:Athlete 1:
      100 wall-ball shots
      120-cal. row

      Then, athlete 2:
      120 wall-ball shots
      100-cal. row

      Both pairs start at the same time and add their times together for their final score.

      Women: 14-pound ball, 9-ft. target
      Men: 20-pound ball, 10-ft. target

      No time cap

    • Test 4:
    • For total load:4-rep-max front squat
      Each teammate’s heaviest successful attempt is counted toward the team total.

      Time frame: 20 min.

    • Test 5:
    • For time, as a relay, each athlete completes 9-6-3 reps of: Snatches
      Burpee box jump-overs

      Order: FFMM

      Women: 125 pounds, 24-inch box
      Men: 175 pounds, 30-inch box

      Time cap: 15 min.

  • See all five workouts with full descriptions, floor plans and score cards.
  • Score submissions are due, for tests 3 and 4 by 12:00 PM PT today, the final score submission is due by 12:00 PM PT on Sunday, April 25.
  • Official Invitations to the 2021 Age Group Qualifiers will be sent on Monday, April 26.

Here are a few other Speed Reads:

  • Lifting the Wait, a book written by Athena Perez, the founder of Scaled Nation CrossFit, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Councilmember, was released on Audible this week.
  • Now Live: Volunteer applications for the Granite Games, the CrossFit Games Semifinal event to be held on June 4-6 at the Viking Lakes TCO Stadium in Eagan, MN. Volunteer departments include athlete relations, judging, media, medical, volunteer relations, and equipment crew. Spectator tickets will be available soon.
  • MUST READ: In the South China Morning Post this week, Patrick Blennerhassett profiled Korean-American athlete, Carlos Albaladejo and his quest to make the CrossFit Games. Albaladejo is coached by Ed Haynes, who also coaches his brother Ant Haynes, and is based in South Korea. Albaladejo is a United States citizen and will compete in a North American Semifinal, having placed 117th in the Quarterfinals.
    • Albaladejo on working with Haynes and trying to compete at the next level: “Definitely having Ed as my coach has helped a lot…I feel like he’s really attacked my weaknesses. A lot of the stuff that I knew was a weakness, I just didn’t really attack them the way I did with this programming…up until last year I was always kind of content with just making regionals, but I always felt like I could make (the CrossFit Games) if I really focused.”
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  Fresh Faces and Familiar Teams Dominate the Team Quarterfinals Leaderboard After Day One 

Fresh Faces and Familiar Teams Dominate the Team Quarterfinals Leaderboard After Day One

After just one day of competition and two workouts, several teams across the six continents are in position to dominate their respective leaderboards. Here’s an overview of the teams to watch over the next few days and their rosters.

North America: While familiar teams like Invictus and Mayhem sit comfortably within the top five, three lesser-known teams have made a statement on day one tying for first place overall after just two workouts.

  • Team On Track sits tied for first with six points overall, finishing in first and fifth place in the first two workouts respectively. Hailing from CrossFit on Track in Olathe, KS, their roster consists of the following athletes.
    • Adison Balderston
    • Joe Cates
    • Nick Peterson
    • Janelle Stites
  • Team Pro1 Montreal, while a familiar name from the East region during the days of Regionals and the Affiliate Cup, they have yet to crack the top ten at the Games, finishing 14th in 2018. At the end of the Open, they sat in ninth place overall. They finished in third place in both workouts
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Good News is our weekly round-up of positive stories around the affiliate community. Are you opening a new gym, expanding a current location, offering new classes, or is your box running a fundraiser? Send us a tip to be featured.

  • CrossFit Bath, located in Twerton, Bath, UK is hiring to staff its front desk.
  • Triton Athletics in Wallingford, CT raised $3,500 for Masters Manna, the local food pantry during their annual intramural Open.
  • Recovery Rx’d in Saint Helen’s, OR is a free program offering CrossFit classes to anyone who is in recovery from substance use disorder. The only requirement is 48 hours of continuous sobriety. Portland Ruck Club and Crossfit St. Helens are partnering up with a WOD (both in-person and virtually) and online auction to raise money for the Recovery RX program. The WOD will kickoff at 10am PT today, and the auction is live now. They are auctioning off Matt Fraser’s 2020 CrossFit Games weight vest signed by Fraser, various GORUCK patches and more.
  • Support through tragedy: At CrossFit Key Largo, in Key Largo, FL, a community member lost her father in a tragic car accident. The community ran a fundraiser and came together to support her.
  • CrossFit coach and author, Justin Morrisette, published a new children’s book called Gym Tales and Barbells: Bella’s Journey.
    • Here’s the description: “Everyone experiences a new environment at some point in their lives. Bella the barbell was in for a shock when she stepped into the gym for the first time. Even though she feels a little bit blindsided at first, with the help of her new gym equipment friends, she finds her true purpose. Gym Tales and Barbells: Bella’s Journey is the perfect book for anyone who is searching to find their purpose in life.”
  Tommy Tackles the Quarterfinals: Team Programming 


Tommy Tackles the Quarterfinals: Team Programming

The Quarterfinal round for the teams is off and running this weekend, and many in the community waited with anticipation for what the set of tests might be.

When the five tests were revealed, the community responded with mixed reviews after seeing nearly identical workouts to that of the Individual Quarterfinals only chopped and screwed to fit the format and testing structure of the teams.

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  CrossFit Seminar Staff Members Release Programming Service Directed at Latin American Affiliates 

CrossFit Seminar Staff Members Release Programming Service Directed at Latin American Affiliates

CrossFit Seminar Staff members Maggie Tincher (CF-L4), Jeff Tincher (CF-L4), and Alex Gowers (CF-L3) introduced new online programming for affiliates and individuals at the beginning of this year. But what makes this program different from the others? It’s available in both English and Spanish and is one of the only programs available directed at Latin American affiliates.

One big thing: With well over a decade of programming experience, the team spent most of 2020 creating the highest-level programming for the most people. On February 15, 2021, Elite Fitness and Programming (EFP) introduced programming for affiliates and individuals and an at-home track all translated in Spanish. A strength track was added soon after.

  • “Ultimately, it took all the right pieces falling into place and figuring out how we could best contribute to the community,” Maggie Tincher said. “Creating more opportunities for the Latin American community is a big part of that.”
  • Added to SugarWOD each week, daily lesson plans, coaching strategies, scaling options, and teaching progressions help CrossFitters become better athletes and coaches become world-class trainers.
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Varied Not Random

CrossFit stalwarts Pat Sherwood and Adrian Bozman have started a new podcast where they offer the insights they've learned over their years in the sport. In this first episode, they discuss their beginnings in fitness, why fitness is so necessary, and how it provides freedom for people.




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10/2: IronWorkz Gauntlet (Medina, OH)
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10/15: Girls Gone Rx Charlotte (Charlotte, NC)
10/15: Girls Gone Rx Newport News (Newport News, VA)
10/15: Mid Atlantic Masters Classic (Abingdon, MD)
10/15: Bridgetown Throwdown (City of Industry, CA)
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10/22: 8th annual fall brawl (Pittsfield, MA)
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10/22: Dreamland Games 3 (same sex pairs) (Portsmouth, OH)
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11/19: Babes & Beasts TURF Games 2022 (Port Saint Lucie, FL)
11/19: Cactus Classic 2022 (Phoenix, AZ)

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