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WHOOP to offer deeper strength insights

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Happy Laboy Day and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. If you’re in the U.S., we hope you’re kicking back and relaxing on this three-day weekend.

In today’s edition:

  • WHOOP is already putting their $200 million to use.
  • Flooding devastates affiliates in the Northeast.
  • Prepare for ‘Emotional’ and ‘Vulnerable’ 2021 Games doc.
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“Consult not your fears but your hopes and dreams, think not about your frustrations, but your unfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but what is possible for you to do.” - Pope Jean Paul II

  WHOOP Targets Strength Training Insight With Acquisition of PUSH  

WHOOP Targets Strength Training Insight With Acquisition of PUSH

WHOOP raised $200 million in its latest round of fundraising with an eye on expansion. The organization has kickstarted this process by acquiring PUSH, “ the Velocity-Based Training Coaching Solution” in a cash and stock transaction.

One big thing: WHOOP already provides in-depth data about day strain and recovery. Acquiring PUSH provides the opportunity to focus on weightlifting performance through such metrics as speed, power, force, and acceleration using sensors that can go multiple places on the body.

  • PUSH has a sizable list of clients ranging from college and professional athletes to Olympians and military teams. The Toronto-based company provides personalized data, albeit with a different focus.

WHOOP will discuss this acquisition and the future of the company during WHOOP Unlocked 2021. This special Apple-style summit will take place on September 8, 2021, and will feature several special guests, such as Tony Robbins, Gabby Thomas, and Michael Phelps.

  • Will Ahmed, founder, and CEO: “Many of the members and organizations we serve have long asked for additional insight into the physiological impact of weightlifting and functional fitness. The integration of PUSH’s industry-leading strength-training technology into our platform will allow WHOOP to provide even deeper insight into how these activities impact the human body.”

The bottom line: WHOOP is the official wearable of CrossFit, the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, and NFLPA due to the level of information provided to the respective athletes about their recovery and strain. Adding PUSH to the fold only furthers the ways that WHOOP can benefit its users.

How Did You Start Your Week?

How Did You Start Your Week?

What you do first thing on a Monday is the difference between a successful week, and an uphill battle. It comes down to three things:

  • How do you set the tone for the rest of your week?
  • What support system do you have holding yourself accountable?
  • Do you have the tools you need to succeed?

NCFIT’s Effort Over Everything provides resources, a support system, and accountability tools to help you set the tone for your week every single Monday morning.

Become an Effort Over Everything subscriber free today and take the first step in taking control of your fitness.

  WHOOP Targets Strength Training Insight With Acquisition of PUSH  

MUST READ: How NOBULL Nabbed NFL Quarterback Mac Jones, who is now the starting QB for the New England Patriots, one of the most visible football teams worldwide. (Via Footwear News)

Hurricane IDA Flood Watch: The category 2 storm that struck the east coast of the United States, causing historic flooding in major cities and affecting CrossFit Affiliates.

  • Dynamic CrossFit in NYC: At 10:30pm last night I got a call…that was flooded. When I saw the initial video, I really thought that might be the end. But our incredible staff led by @katiekage15 performed a miracle and we will only be closed for 1 day. Can’t begin to say how grateful I am!” (Via Justin Cotler).
  • CrossFit Kind of Prussia in Bridgeport, PA, was not so lucky and suffered extensive damage. The community has organized a fundraiser to help them replace equipment and rebuild.

ROGUE: Guilherme Malheiros is confirmed, bringing the total to 11 confirmed men out of a total of 20.

Mayhem Desert Heat: Saxon Panchik is confirmed to compete, joining Haley Adams…so far.

Four weeks before the CrossFit Games, Christine Anastario tore her meniscus but decided to compete anyway and took 11th overall in the 35-39 division.

  • Anastario: “The doc told me I would continue to feel pain in my knee when I squatted because the bone was rolling over the spot that was torn. It was risky to compete. What would you have done? I decided to be as careful as possible and compete. It was risky, it might not have been the smartest thing I’ve ever done but I made a choice and competed anyways.”

Over the weekend: The Master’s Fitness Collective and the Pit Elite Teen Throwdown took place.



Your Core and Quads For Big Lifts

If you're lifting from a weak foundation, your lifts are going to be weak as well. Working on your core strength is one of the fastest ways of adding pounds to every lift. This drill strengthens your core muscles and provides your quads a solid burn at the same time.




Sleep Tips From US Army Warrior Fit's Sleep Guru

Should you be sleeping on your back, stomach, or side? What temperature should your bedroom be? And should you give up that afternoon nap? Get these answers (and more) from sleep expert, neuroscientist, and US Army Warrior Fit athlete, Dr. Allison Brager.



Three Common Faults In Deadlifts

Experience back pain when you're performing deadlifts? You're not alone. But this doesn't mean you should be avoiding them, you just need a little work on your form. Check out these three common faults that cause back pain in deadlifts and how you can fix them.



A Free WHOOP Strap 3.0 and First Month Free

Performing on the outside starts with knowledge from the inside. WHOOP measures your body's data over 100 times a second to provide personalized feedback on your recovery, strain, and sleep.


Grandma's Apple Pie Recipe

Okay, we know it doesn't really compare to grandma. But it's definitely close. This apple crisp recipe is naturally sweetened with maple syrup instead of sugar and topped with a crunchy oat pecan topping for added protein and fiber. A delicious fall dessert.


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  • Jamie Hagiya hits a 255 pound clean.
  • 🔥🔥🔥This is what CrossFit is about. Also, a very good scaling option out there instead of doing regular rope climbs.
  • Congratulations to Sharron Speyers of FortisFSC in New Zealand on the 251 pound/114kg deadlift PR.
  • Congratulations to Bruce McLaughlan from Five Lakes CrossFit on your first two ring muscle-ups.

*NEW: Mayhem Missions competition Legends of the Falls, a four-person (2M/2F) competition consisting of seven workstations spread out across seven miles of beautiful trails and terrain in Noccalula Falls Park in Gadsden, AL on October 2.

Limited availability for the next Train with Heppner camp powered by Grit Performance. Registration for the October 15-17 camp opens this week.

9/17 - 9/18: Battle at the Ranch (Bixby, OK)
9/17 - 9/19: The Central Regional (Davenport, IA)
9/18: Girls Gone Rx Vegas (Las Vegas, NV)
9/18: First Response Fights Autism (Kalamazoo, MI)
9/18: First Response Fights Autism (Livonia, MI)
9/18: EMPIRE WARS: Episode II (Elmwood Park, NJ)
9/18: The Ghostly Games (Fayetteville, GA)
9/18 - 9/19: Caution Grounds 2021 (Miami Lakes, FL)
9/18 - 9/19: The Vermonster (Barre, VT)
9/18: Battle in the Valley (Apple Valley, MN)
9/18: First Responder Trials (New York, NY)
9/18: Collective Cup (Lancaster, PA)
9/18: Girls Gone Rx Washington (Bellingham, WA)
9/18: Girls Gone Rx New Mexico (Albuquerque, NM)
9/18: Girls Gone Rx Denver (Denver, CO)
9/18: Girls Gone Rx Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh City, PA)
9/18: Syndicate Battlegrounds (Columbia, MD)
9/18: Teams Of The Midway (Lake in the Hills, IL)
9/18: Barbell Brawl (Kennett Square, PA)
9/18: The Phoenix Co-Ed team (Austin, TX)
9/18: Guardian Games (Lebanon, OH)
9/18: First Response Fights Autism (Livonia, MI)
9/18 - 9/19: Big Impact Games (Green Bay, WI)
9/18: Battle of the Barbells – Team Competition (Hendersonville, TN)
9/19: THE ARENA BENCH ‘N’ BOLT 5k (Nevada, IA)
9/24 - 9/26: Dakota Games (Fargo, ND)
9/24 - 9/25: FALL JAM 2021 (Blacklick, OH)
9/24 - 9/26: Pensacola Beach Brawl (Pensacola Beach, FL)
9/24 - 9/26: CrossFit® Dakota Games (Fargo, ND)
9/24 - 9/26: Pensacola Beach Brawl (Pensacola Beach, FL)
9/25: Proven Fitness Competition (Caldwell, ID)
9/25: INFINITY WARS | Episode II (Frankfort, KY)
9/25: The Big Red Rumble (Holland, MI)
9/25: Shatter Slam (Albany, NY)
9/25: Cougars and Sugar Daddies (Northville, MI)
9/25: Masters Mayhem (Kilgore, TX)
9/25: Kilo CrushFest (Hampton, VA)
9/25: Barbells For Boobs (South Pasadena, CA)
9/26 - 10/2: Power Monkey Fitness Camp (Crossville, TN)
9/26: The Great Equalizer 7: Revival (Dover, NH)
9/30 - 11/1: Fittest of the Coast – Coastal Qualifier (Mt. Pleasant, SC)
10/1 - 10/2: 2021 Iron Anchor Throwdown (Batavia, OH)
10/1 - 10/3: Big Orange Brawl (Knoxville, TN)
10/1 - 10/2: Wodsomniac- Get Twisted! (Draper, UT)
10/2: Warrior Games 2021 (Suffield, CT)
10/2: Go Primal Games MMXXI (Gainesville, FL)
10/2: North Dallas Rumble (Dallas, TX)
10/2: Strong[HER] Together- Virginia (Fredericksburg, VA)
10/2: Global Grace (Santa Ana, CA)
10/2: Sugar & Spice (Burlington, MA)

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