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Why it’s Important to Bring More People of Color into CrossFit

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Connecticut gym offers free workouts and recovery classes.
  • Athletes talk about why it’s so important to bring more people of color into CrossFit.
  • CrossFit Trivium held safe, community events for stage one of the Games, now plans to do the same for the Open.
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  “Everyone is Recovering from Something:” Connecticut Gym Offers Free Workouts and Recovery Meetings  

“Everyone is Recovering from Something:” Connecticut Gym Offers Free Workouts and Recovery Meetings

A Saturday morning at Guilford Athletic Center doesn’t look much different than that of other gyms: a group gathers at 9:30 AM for a 30-minute class, free and open to varying fitness-levels. What’s different is the meeting that follows, a 45-minute, recovery, self-reflection meeting open to anyone working through “any of life’s challenges.”

  • The mornings, titled the Recovery Move exercise and Recovery meetings, are run by Clint Zeidenberg, a CrossFit coach and top-200 masters athlete, and Dr. Hannah Jurewicz, a clinical psychologist, licensed professional counselor, founder of non-profit Journey Home Recovery Living, and athlete.
  • The pair has been leading these meetings since September of 2019 when Jurewicz approached Zeidenberg about donating his time and gym, “knowing that he was very invested already in this recovery world.”

Fitness for recovery: It’s no secret that fitness and recovery go hand-in-hand. Larger organizations, like The Phoenix and Fit to Recover, are bringing this idea across the nation, leading free classes and offering community to those in recovery.

Fitness, Zeidenberg and Jurewicz say with research behind them, gets the circulation going, generates endorphins, and can act as a distraction from cravings. This, paired with the intimacy of working out together and spiritual connection from the group, is unquestionably beneficial.

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  • Michele Letendre, Games veteran and coach to Pat Vellner, Laura Horvaht and more, will join Joshua Al-chaama to host a WIT House workout tomorrow. Registration is live now and the workout will start 9 AM PT/12 PM ET. And stick around after for the 30-minute Q&A.
  • What we’re hearing: Roman Krennikov, the 2020 Fittest Man in Russia, will train with 2008 Olympic silver medalist in weightlifting, Dmitry Klokov in the lead-up to the 2021 CrossFit season.
  • Blonyx, a Vancouver-based sports nutrition brand, launched its Egg White Protein Isolate product in the UK yesterday. It’s the first egg white protein isolate in the market in the UK. Blonyx first launched the product in North America in 2019 to provide athletes with a less processed alternative to whey and plant proteins.
  • FosterFit 30,000 Pound CFT Challenge: FosterFit, a nonprofit organization whose mission it is to empower youth in foster care to improve overall physical health, build their confidence and provide normalcy and consistency, is hosting a 30,000 pound CrossFit Total Challenge fundraiser February 22-28. Sign up as a gym and the goal is for gym to reach 30,000+ collective pounds: the average number of foster kids that age out of the system each year. Sign up now and donate.
  • NOBULL has select styles of the “Wild Collection” back in stock, including the Wild Trainers and Knit Runners.
  Athletes Talk About Why it’s so Important to Bring More People of Color into CrossFit  

Athletes Talk About Why it’s so Important to Bring More People of Color into CrossFit

When Lesley Henderson-Sanders first signed up at CrossFit Conyers Stonecrest in Lithonia, GA, she weighed 285 pounds and had “horrible range of motion,” she said. Six years later, Henderson-Sanders currently weighs 224 pounds and has completely transformed her health.

  • One integral key that allowed her to feel comfortable giving CrossFit a shot was the fact that her gym was made up of people who looked like her. “Our gym is 97 percent black,” said Henderson-Sanders, who weighed 325 pounds at her heaviest. Having other black people there “made a huge difference in me staying consistent” and in helping her feel like she belonged, she explained.

The big picture: Henderson-Sanders’ story is incredibly important, but it’s also exceptional. “Most gyms don’t have black CrossFit athletes in large quantities,” she said.

  • To help bring more black and brown people into CrossFit, Henderson-Sanders founded Melanin Crossfitters, a brand dedicated to serving diverse communities and providing access to nutrition information, physical fitness education and wellness resources.

Similarly, because of her upbringing, Arielle Sanders, an up-and-coming competitive CrossFit athlete, explained that getting more black people into CrossFit has become “close to her heart,” she said.

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  CrossFit Trivium Plans Safe, Community Events for 2021 Open Following Successful CrossFit Games Stage One Blueprint  


CrossFit Trivium Plans Safe, Community Events for 2021 Open Following Successful CrossFit Games Stage One Blueprint

The CrossFit Open starts on March 11, kicking off three weeks of workouts and announcements from Dave Castro. Community members traditionally flock together for special Friday Night Lights events where they take part in the workout and cheer on fellow competitors, but this is not really an option in 2021 due to COVID-19. Though gym owners are finding other ways to keep the community involved.

Why this matters: CrossFit Trivium, located in Brentwood, TN, has experience safely holding events amid a pandemic. Owner Nate Dodd hosted Brooke Wells during Stage 1 of the 2020 CrossFit Games and allowed a limited number of spectators into the building. Now he will take a similar approach and focus on the members of the community participating in the annual event.

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  CrossFit Trivium Plans Safe, Community Events for 2021 Open Following Successful CrossFit Games Stage One Blueprint  

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