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Wodapalooza is getting a little tipsy

Morning Chalk Up

November 22   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Wodapalooza is getting a little tipsy.
  • How would Brent Fikowski score a CrossFit competition?
  • CrossFit releases a new nutrition program.
  • What it takes to be a full-time CrossFit coach.
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  Yuengling’s Partnership With Wodapalooza is Groundbreaking for the Sport of CrossFit  

Yuengling’s Partnership With Wodapalooza is Groundbreaking for the Sport of CrossFit

A month ago, Wodapalooza announced a new partnership with Yuengling, crowning the United State’s oldest brewery as the “Official Beer” of the annual CrossFit held in Miami, FL in January, and perhaps one of the first major beer sponsorships in the sport.

Why it matters: Yuengling represents yet another major non-endemic brand that Loud & Live Sports has introduced into CrossFit. Previous brands have included Chipotle, Gillette and Ram Trucks, which represent major marketplace spenders bringing money into CrossFit.

  • Matt O’Keefe, President of Loud & Live Sports: “I am incredibly proud that non-endemic brands like Yuengling, Monster, cbdMD and TYR choose to activate their brands through our events. We take all partnerships incredibly seriously. We feel a high sense of responsibility to continue to steward the space forward and introduce the community to new platforms. At the same time introduce and validate non-endemic brands within our community and the entire training space.”

How it came about: How Loud & Live Sport, the organizers of Wodapalooza, and Yuengling were able to link up was much like how many partnerships are started in CrossFit, someone who worked at Yuengling was a CrossFitter. With the beer company moving its operations to Tampa, they were well aware of how big of an event Wodapalooza is.

  • O’Keefe: “Their ownership has a passion for health and wellness. They are building products focusing more on health, wellness, fitness and training, like Yuengling FLIGHT, which is the product we are building this partnership around.”
  • O’Keefe: “We are excited that Yuengling is going to activate the Yuengling FLIGHT franchise. It is a perfect fit for our community. We are excited for everyone, especially those that haven’t, to experience it. The WZA community will, through Yuengling’s activation, have ample opportunity to experience the brand and sample the product. It will be available on site in many locations and at our partner hotel, the Intercontinental, in a lobby activation.”
  • Yuengling is the sixth-largest overall brewery and largest wholly American-owned brewery in the United States available in 22 states, mostly from the Mid-West to East Coast.
  • FLIGHT is what Yuengling has called the “next generation of light beer.” It consists of 2.6 grams of carbs, 95 calories, and 4.2% ABV, the beer is brewed to be crisp and easy-to-drink.

The bottom line: From what we could tell, this is the first instance that a major beer company has sponsored a major CrossFit competition. Beer brands represent a huge chunk of sponsorship money across all the major sports like the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS and the NHL. Along with beer companies, financial institutions, credit card companies, insurance companies and fast food chains typically shell out big money to sponsor athletic events. The partnership with Yuengling could be the first step to those other institutions and brands crossing over to CrossFit.

  • “It is a great sign that non-endemic brands are seeing the value of partnering with our sport and specifically WZA. Helping brands tell a training story through our platforms is fun. We are grateful for the trust put in us by our partners to execute this. We all have to keep working together to grow every aspect of the sport. Everyone wins if we are pointed in the same north, create premium experience for athletes, fans, partners and volunteers. Without any one of those pillars we have nothing.”
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Free Samples to Fuel Your Personal Best

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Discussion point: How would Brent Fikowski score a CrossFit competition?

The rising cost of insulin in the United States v. seven other countries has increased 11% annual from 2001 – 2018:

  • U.S. – $98.70 (avg. price per standard unit of insulin)
  • Japan – $14.40
  • Canada – $12.00
  • Germany – $11.00
  • France – $9.08
  • U.K. – $7.52
  • Australia – $6.94
  • Turkey – $2.64

While we’re on the topic, more than 13,000 CrossFit affiliates across the globe provide a lifeline in the fight against Type 2 diabetes. Here are a dozen stories how.

Josh Bridges joins the TYR Sport team, joining the likes of Emma Cary, Noah Ohlsen, Travis Mayer, Meg Reardon, Saxon Panchik, Amanda Barnhart, Will Moorad and Bethany Shadburne.

  • Over the past several months, TYR has made an aggressive investment inside of CrossFit, singing nearly 10 professional athletes and sponsoring major events.

The United States racked up 36 total medals at the Pan American Weightlifting Championships, taking second to Colombia with 46.

  CrossFit Releases New Nutrition Course  

CrossFit Releases New Nutrition Course

On Thursday, CrossFit LLC announced and released a course—The CrossFit Nutrition Course—an online program designed to teach the foundation of CrossFit’s nutrition recommendations “and makes them accessible and easily actionable so you can start seeing results.”

The details: The course costs $120 and includes seven 50-minute online classes that “take a deep dive into every aspect of nutrition, including information on chronic disease, insulin resistance, critical health markers, food quality and quantity, tactics to make implementation easy, supplements and more.”

  • The course also includes a comprehensive nutrition and training guide and finishes with a 30-minute assessment.
  • According to CrossFit, the course is suitable for those who are both new to CrossFit, for experienced athletes looking to further improve their health and performance, and for coaches or other health professionals who “want a deeper understanding of the role nutrition plays in helping your clients reach their goals.”
  • Those with a current CrossFit trainer credential, such as the CrossFit Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3, will also receive seven continued education units (CEUs) that can be used toward maintaining their Level 3 credential.

Worth noting: While CrossFit hasn’t offered a nutrition course in the last decade, this isn’t the first time nutrition education has been part of their umbrella of offerings.

  • Remind me: In the early days, Robb Wolf—the author of The Paleo Solution and Wired to Eat—was the official nutrition subject matter expert of CrossFit. Wolf attended and spoke at various CrossFit Level 1 seminars, and hosted seminars for CrossFit, though this was long before the days when CrossFit courses awarded CEU credits.
  • Since Wolf was let go from CrossFit in 2009, CrossFit has been hesitant to officially endorse any particular nutrition ideology; however, the Zone Diet continues to be part of the Level 1 education today.

The bigger picture: The CrossFit Nutrition Course comes at the heels of CrossFit rolling out a handful of other new services to the community in recent months, including CrossFit Affiliate Programming (CAP), launched in June, and more recently the CrossFit Affiliate Partner Network (APN) and CrossFit Precision Care, both announced in October.

  • Though all of the above are designed to help the affiliate owner and the broader community get fit and stay fit, services like the CAP and the Nutrition Course can also be interpreted as more competition against other already established affiliate programming services and nutrition courses serving the CrossFit community today.
  What it Takes to be A Full-Time, Career Coach: Five 10-Year Plus Coaches Explain  


What it Takes to be A Full-Time, Career Coach: Five 10-Year Plus Coaches Explain

From personal trainers to yoga instructors, fitness coaching has often been seen as a young man’s game, a short-term part-time job for 20-somethings fitness enthusiasts, as opposed to a full-time professional career. And those who do want to stay in the industry long-term often assume the only way to do it is to open their own gym.

CrossFit, however, has changed all this.

Today, more and more CrossFit coaches have been in the industry for 10-plus years, proving it’s possible to pursue a full-time, professional career as a coach without having to be a gym owner to make a real living.

James McDermott, Alex Samaniego, Michael Bann, Chris Schaalo and Junior Delfin are five of them. Each of them has been coaching for at least a decade and have become full-time, professionals intent on being lifelong, career coaches.

McDermott in Albany, NY

McDermott began coaching at Albany CrossFit in New York 10 years ago as an intern coach while he was studying Kinesiology in college. A decade later, he’s still there, only now he’s the affiliate’s General Manager.

His role involves coaching 15 classes a week, including both CrossFit and Barbell Club classes. The rest of McDermott’s time is spent doing the gym’s programming and working on other aspects of the business, from bringing on new clients to social media.

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  • 🎂 Happy birthday Becca Voigt Miller (Sunday).
  • 🎂 Happy birthday Scott Panchik (Sunday).
  • 🤵👰Happy anniversary Brandon and Kristen Luckett.
  • Congratulations CrossFit Le Mars who officially opened their doors last week in Le Mars, IA.
  • Guilherme Malheiros hits three front squats at 385 pounds/173kg.
  • Congratulations Molly from Buffalo, NY on getting your first handstand push-up.
  • Congratulations Natalie Mickelson from Heber City CrossFit in Heber City, UT on the 195 pound/88kg bench press double.

Kaine and Britteny Dick, who own Gas City CrossFit, will be doing 24 hours of WODs this Friday — the day after Thanksgiving, ooof — to raise money for the Santa Claus Fund, which gifts kids who otherwise might not receive anything during Christmas.

  • Last year, they completed 45 WODs in 24 hours.
  • Kaine: “Our community jumps in too, I have clients showing up at 1 a.m. to work out with me. Last year we had clients every hour working out with us,” he said. “It’s just nice that they contribute for the toys for the kids but they also cheer us on and come work out with us as well.”
3/1 - 3/31: Sit Ups For Pups (Everywhere, Anywhere Online)
3/2: The LKW Games (Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina)
3/9: The Valkyrie Fitness Competition (Tampa, FL)
3/16: Upper Hunter Strongest Novice (Muswellbrook, Australia)
3/16: Oceanside CrossFit 1st Annual Shamwod & Shenanigains (Oceanside, Ca)
3/16: Shamwod & Shenanigains (Oceanside, Ca)
3/16: Shamwod & Shenanigains (oceanside, ca)
3/23 - 3/24: Beach Brawl (Spring) (Pensacola Beach, FL)
3/23: Masters Distinguished Games (Fort Wright, KY)
3/23: CFL Teen Take Over (Lorton, VA)
4/6: Girls Gone Rx Ohio (Lancaster, Ohio)
4/6 - 4/7: SeaDog Summer Showdown (Jupiter, Florida)
4/6: Girls Gone Rx Minnesota (Austin, Minnesota)
4/6: Girls Gone Rx Kentucky (Richmond, Kentucky)
4/6: Best Babes Decatur (Decatur, Alabama)
4/6: Best Babes 608 (Janesville, Wisconsin)
4/6: Best Babes South Carolina (Beufort, South Carolina)
4/6: Best Babes Houston (Houston, Texas)
4/6: Best Babes Wyoming (Cheyene, Wyoming)
4/6: War Off I-4 (Deland, FL)
4/6 - 4/7: No Pain No Game (Legnano, Italy)
4/6 - 4/7: Shack Team Edition (Rome, Italy)
4/6: Best Babes South Carolina (Beaufort, SC)
4/6: Best Babes Decatur (Decatur, AL)
4/6 - 4/7: Landifornian Battle (Seignosse, France)
4/6: Two Peas in a Pod: Mixed Gender Partner Comp (Burlington, MA)
4/6: Best Babes Tampa (Tampa, Florida)
4/13: Queens of Oly Rockledge (Rockledge, FL)
4/13: Queens of Oly East Tennessee (Bulls Gap, TN)
4/13: Fittest on Main (Boaz, AL)
4/19 - 4/21: Crash Crescendo (Spartanburg, SC)
4/20: Barbells For Bullies: Community Workout Savannah (Savnnah, Georgia, US)
4/20: Festivus Games @ CrossFit Plattsburgh (Plattsburgh, NY)
4/20: Festivus Games @ CrossFit Masiphumelele (Kommetjie, Cape Town, South Africa)
4/20: Festivus Games (Goderich, Canada)
4/20: Festivus Games (Clermont, FL)
4/20: Festivus Games @ The Gym – CrossFit Kilo (Cedar Falls, IA)
4/20: Festivus Games @ CBM Sirens (Caledonia, MS)
4/20: Festivus Games @ Coyote Valley (San Jose, CA)
4/20 - 4/21: Okanagan Valley Throwdown (Penticton, British Columbia)
4/20: The Fittest 4 (Sunshine Coast, Australia)
4/20: Embrace the Challenge (Mentor, Ohio)
4/20: Festivus Games @ CrossFit Pagosa (Pagosa Springs, CO)
4/20: First EVER Adaptive Festivus Games Competition (Waterford, United States)
4/20: Festivus Games (WAUKESHA, WI)
4/20 - 4/21: BGR Contest Spring Edition (Bergerac, France)
4/20 - 4/21: Okanagan Valley Throwdown (Penticton, British Columbia, Canada)

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