The Top 10 Moments from the 2017 CrossFit Games

August 7, 2017 by
Photo courtesy of CrossFit Inc.
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Four days, 623 competitors and 185 events later, the 2017 CrossFit Games was one of the most exciting in history. After all the dust has settled, here are ten of our favorite moments from 2017.

10. Garret Fisher Snatching 305 Pounds

The max lifting events are some of the most exciting at the CrossFit Games. During the final heat of the 1RM Snatch, Garret Fisher stepped up and hit 305 pounds — a 5 pound PR — to win the event overall. It’s also the heaviest snatch ever at the CrossFit Games.

9. Masters Athletes Won’t Let Julie Nadeau Quit

It’s a general rule in CrossFit that whoever finishes gets the loudest cheers. As the only Masters 35-39 athlete left on the floor, Julie Nadeau was struggling to carry the 150 pound sandbag to the finish line. But her competitors wouldn’t let her give up and cheered her all the way to the last second.

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8. Cody Anderson Hits a Clean PR at 2x Bodyweight

350 pounds is a lot of weight to clean, but for Cody Anderson — at 172 pounds — it’s two times his bodyweight. Not only that, it was a new PR for the 2X Games athlete.

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7. Seventeen-Year-Old Snatches 291 Pounds

Watching the Brazilian teenager snatching you’d have thought Guilherme Malheiros was competing as an individual. In fact, he would have tied Mathew Fraser for 5th place.

6. Fraser Dives, Falls Off Finishing Matt

Every nanosecond counts. Mathew Fraser, trying to edge out Brent Fikowski in Strongman’s Fear, dove into the finish line but fell off the back of the matt.

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5. Jason Carroll Proposes to His Girlfriend

We’ve seen it Regionals before and last year a couple even got married at the CrossFit Games. Sometimes it truly is love at first WOD and after the Friday night events wrapped up Jason Carroll grabbed the microphone and popped the question.

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4. Masters Athlete Turns Back to Assist Athlete Struggling in Open Water

This one is almost too unbelievable to believe. During Run Swim Run, 62-year-old Robert Caslin heard a scream about 20 meters behind him; another athlete was struggling with the swim. He turned back instead of continuing on with the swim to help him out until a boat arrived.


3. Mathew Fraser Wins His Second Straight CrossFit Games

The four-time CrossFit Games athlete continued his dominate performance, winning his second title in two years increasing his margin of victory to 216 points.

2. Wasatch Brutes Dethrones Mayhem

Rich Froning hasn’t lost a CrossFit competition since 2010, when he took second to Graham Holmberg. But as tough as Mayhem is, Wasatch Brutes proved to be too much to handle.

1. Tia-Clair Toomey Winning the 2017 CrossFit Games

After two straight second place finishes, Tia finally gets crowned the Queen of CrossFit with a finish you won’t want to miss.

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