Meet Sarah Gillespie. She lives in Madison, WI and just wants a simple wedding with some family and friends in town. Not much to ask really. As many of you know the summer is beautiful in Madison and a perfect time to have a wedding.

In the long list of things every bride has to plan to make her special day perfect, the CrossFit Games doesn’t usually make the list. Except for now.


Sarah, along with many other event and wedding planners, have been repeatedly turned away from dozens of hotels when trying to reserve a block of rooms — over a year in advance. We’re talking 2018 folks. Literally, hotels are blocking out rooms in bulk around possible Games dates.


What can we say; we love Madison and Madison loves us!

OK, we feel kinda bad for the inconvenience it’s caused this future bride-to-be, but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t happy to get a room for the events next year.

See you for the ’18 Games, Madison.

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