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When a 10-Year-Old Can Out CrossFit You

October 31, 2017 BY Justin LoFranco
When a 10-Year-Old Can Out CrossFit You
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The story.

Move over Bey. There’s a new Queen B that we should all be aware of — and she comes in a tiny little package.


Brooklynn Sittner, aka Queen Beezy, has an incredibly bright future in CrossFit. The crazy thing? She’s ten-years-old.

Her dad runs her Instagram account that’s collected more than 30,000 followers. Through it she’s inspiring other little girls (and let’s be honest here, grown ups too) all over the world to move their bodies and push themselves to greatness. Did we mention she just broke the Montana State record in the snatch, clean and jerk and overall total the other day?

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Tell me more.

Brooklynn has always been active. She started with gymnastics and got into CrossFit two years ago. Her goal? She’s training to make the CrossFit games when she turns 14. She can deadlift double bodyweight and bang out L sit pull ups and strict toes to bar with the pros.

She may have a slight advantage over most ten-year-olds — she’s homeschooled and spends up to eight hours training some days, but her motivation is definitely coming from within.

“She wouldn’t train the way she trains if it was me… It’s in her heart. You can’t teach that, you can’t coach that”, her dad told