You know the story.

Dating can be really hard. You find yourself spending more time at the box and a little less time at Happy Hour. Let’s face it, your priorities have changed but finding an eligible bachelor or bachelorette at the 5:30 AM class isn’t exactly working out in your favor.

Don’t you just wish there was a where you could meet other local singles that love what you love?

Ummm yes…tell me more.

Sorry to get your hopes up, but isn’t a thing…yet, but Leka Fineman and Jenn Lynch started CrossFitSinglesRX to organize events in the area and bring single CrossFitters together.

They’re kicking off their first event with the CrossFit Singles Holiday Mixer.

It’s more than just a huge bash though — the hosts, Leka and Jenn partnered with Dr. Frankie Bashan, clinical psychologist, matchmaker, and overall relationship guru who has been using her psychology background in conjunction with technology and personalized algorithms to play matchmaker nationwide.

I’m in.

We figured you would be, so put down your phone, stop wasting precious energy swiping right, and let this event help you find your forever WOD partner.

P.S. Is it OK to wear our Nanos?

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