Time to book your flight.

We think it’s time to book your next vacation, and to Copenhagen, Denmark! Kurhotel Skodsborg being the main reason why.

This gorgeous hotel is settled between a nature reserve and the Baltic Sea. It’s modern design and epic surroundings are reason enough to visit, but that’s not why we’re so into it — their CrossFit Affiliate is the real gem.

Oh, tell me more.

Meet “the Nordics fittest hotel team,” AKA CrossFit Skodsborg, led by former Michelin-star chef Thomas Rode Andersen, (any relation to Danish-born Games athlete Rasmus Anderson and BF to Lauren Fisher we wonder?) and Ole Cosmus, Royal Life Guard with more than 30 years experience with military physical training.

As long as the weather checks out, WODs are held outdoors: on their rooftop terrace, by the Baltic Sea or in the Deer Park.

Did you say Baltic Sea?

Yup, sure did. They also have this thing called Water CrossFit, which we readinvolves donning a wetsuit and battling the crashing waves for a few laps around the jetty paired with some pushups, sit ups and squats.

We’ve heard rumors of CrossFit classes being offered at resorts abroad (with or without the OK from CrossFit HQ). Jason Khalipa even operates an NC Fit in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, but it stands alone from any resorts. There’s the Tulum Jungle Gym on the beaches of Tulum, Mexico where all the equipment is made from wood. This is actually the first official resort affiliate we’ve ever heard about and we’re thinking work retreat after the Meridian and European Regionals…what say you team?

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