CrossFit in the Nude Anyone?

January 10, 2018 by
Johany Jutras
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Come again?

So it’s 2018, which means 2017 was so last year and it’s time for the new you.

And as the clock struck midnight, you sealed the deal on a whole host of resolutions like learning to love your body regardless of what number is on the scale — a resolution we wholeheartedly support.

One question though: are you willing to get naked to achieve it?

Na na na na na na na nana. 

Meet Hanson Fitness, a gym in the big apple that celebs like Rhianna, Tom Cruise, and Julia Roberts have been known to frequent. Well they just came up with a novel idea: working out completely nude.

On January 5th, they hosted their first nude personal training session and plan to keep it up three times a week: one mixed, one for men, and one for women.

Oh hell no.

Right, we said the same thing, but Hanson Fitness does make a good point: The gym claims that working out naked keeps you cooler, releases endorphins, increases body awareness, gives you unrestricted movement, and scars you for life (okay so maybe we added that last one).

But in all seriousness, please, no naked CrossFit. Come on people, let’s all make a pact here and now. Just think of the injuries.

To be honest, 2018 is starting off great. After all people are drinking unfiltered water and working out naked, what could go wrong…

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