Who you calling shorty?

Not that kind of shorty, and we’re definitely not talking about the 1990’s cult classic “Get Shorty” starring John Travolta.

We’re talking about the 10th annual Shorty Awards, recognizing the best in class on social media.

Oh thaaaat Shorty. What’s that got to do with CrossFit tho?

Cause our very own Brooke Ence was nominated in the Sports category. She’s going up against JJ Watt, Katie Ledecky, Kevin Durant, Laila Ali and Serena Williams.

True story…Brooke was actually nominated way back on January 16th and voting closed on February 22nd, the day the 2018 Open started. Somehow we completely missed that. Sorry Brooke.

So when do we find out who won?

That would be this Sunday streaming live on YouTube. We don’t know the time yet, but if we had to guess we’d say 6PM Pacific.

And yes, Brooke Ence plans to be there in New York City so follow her on Insta so you can watch her story from the red carpet.

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