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Sam Briggs Withdraws from Regionals Due to Injury, Finishes AGOQ

Apr 24, 2018 by

What happened?

Yesterday, Sam Briggs officially withdrew her invitation to the European Regionals because she injured her right elbow, “fracturing the joint and rupturing the medial ligament.”

That’s so sad. Is she going to be OK?

She went into surgery yesterday and everything went really well.

But before she went into the operation she did something very Sam Briggs-esque:

“Not wanting my season to be over I managed to strap the elbow up and complete the age group qualifiers so now the goal is get fit for August.”

We’re talking rope climbs, heavy thrusters, heavy cleans, handstand walking, and handstand push-ups. NBD, we’re only talking a broken elbow and ruptured ligament. Just some casual CrossFit for time here folks.

What a BAMF, but that’s still too bad.

It really is too bad since we were looking forward to watching this Masters athlete show all the youngens how it’s done…again.

But from the early leaderboard results, it looks like Sam’s going to be back in Madison as a Masters athlete.

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