Gimme the scoop.

The avocado craze has given us so many wonderful things from toast to dip to face masks, they’ve basically a staple in our homes, or rented apartments, if you’ve spent too much on bougie avocado toast.

But our love for the little green fruit can get pricey, which is why some people have been pretending they’re carrots.

Wait, carrots?

Yup, carrots. Because no one loves carrots, apparently, which is why they’re cheaper. Emmeline Taylor, a criminology professor at the University of London, was “working with retailers to reduce shoplifting when one major supermarket discovered it had sold more carrots than it had ever had in stock…Unfortunately this wasn’t a sudden switch to healthy eating, it was an early sign of a new type of shoplifter.”

Turns out, people have been scanning avocados as carrots at the self-check counter.

But that’s brilliant!

Annnnnnd it’s illegal, and we don’t condone thievery so instead of faking our fruits at the checkout, maybe it’s time we consider other options for a new food trend. Like, maybe the actual carrot? Maybe instead of pretending we’re buying carrots we actually buy them. Imagine all the carrot cake. Carrot waffles. Or, lest we ever forget the beloved avocado toast, may we present to you, carrot toast.

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