The Avocado craze.

I think it’s safe to say avocados are the modern muse of millennials.

Never mind that extra guac has always been a non-negotiable at Chipotle — we’re now using this fatty fruit in baked goods, smoothies, and even their outer shells for boutique lattes. Put it on toast and the whole country goes nuts.

But of course, there always has to be someone lurking around the corner to ruin the fun for everyone.

The diet avocado.

Introducing: Avocado Light, a diet version of the avocado with 30% less fat. And you thought we were past fat being evil.

It was developed by the folks over at Eurobanan Isla Bonita in Spain.

The Chalk Up.

The calorie-counters and fat-fearers may consider this development an improvement. In our opinion, Taco Tuesday got 30% less fun.

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