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Mat Fraser’s CrossFit Games Sandwich


CrossFit Diet and Supplement Practices Get Deep Dive in Published Paper

Grass-Fed or Grain-Fed Beef, Which is Better for Us, the Environment, and the Animal?

The Five Habits of Highly Successful (and Fit) People


Eat, CrossFit, Love: Couple Shares Fitness and Foodie Journey


Ed Crowley Suffers Five Heart Attacks, Turns to CrossFit, Loses 40 Pounds, Puts Diabetes into Remission


“This is a Medical Necessity”: Dr. Karla Wolford and EHP Performance Prescribe Exercise and Nutrition Instead of Medication

Not Hungry When You Compete? Here’s Why and What to Do About it.

The Invisible Epidemic: Energy Deficiency in Male Athletes

There is Nothing Ancestral about Eating Raw Meat

How to be a Plant-Based Powerhouse

Why Keto is Bad for Athletes

Get the Most Out of the CrossFit Open

What’s the Deal with Creatine?


Nutrition Tips Heading into the Open | The Bottom Line

The Clean Eating Conundrum

How Do Fats Help in Athletic Performance?

Should You Do the Whole30 Challenge After New Years?


CrossFit Releases New Nutrition Course

Is Nutrition a New Religion?

How CrossFit Changed Our Relationship with Food: Five Women Tell their Stories

Should CrossFit Athletes Increase Protein after Training? New Study Says ‘Yes.’


Zone, Paleo, Vegan, Macro Counting, Intuitive Eating: 12 Years of Nutrition with Sam Briggs

So, You Want to Look Like a CrossFit Games Athlete?

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