Feb 14, 2020 by

OpEd: The State of Nutrition in CrossFit

There are few things that get people as fired up on social media as nutrition. Like politics and religion,


Dec 26, 2019 by

The Expert Advice To Enjoy AND Stay On Track This Holiday Season

The Christmas challenge was set. Instead of AMRAPS, perhaps you hit a PR of EAMTAS (Eat As Much Turkey As


Dec 20, 2019 by

How to Build Community Around Nutrition (OPINION)

Nutrition philosophies are better known for their ability to divide versus unify. Discussions about whether you


Sep 4, 2019 by

Weight Watchers App Focuses on Food Restrictions for Kids as Young as Eight

Last month, Weight Watchers, now called WW, doubled down on their campaign to promote weight loss in teenagers


Nov 5, 2018 by

The Thing That Everybody on Twitter Missed in CrossFit’s Tweets

Some background. Three weeks ago, CrossFit made a series of tweets detailing CrossFit’s stance on nutrition.


Sep 21, 2018 by

So What are Electrolytes, Anyway?

Sweating it out. Let’s face it, this summer has been hot AF and sometimes the sweat puddle got a little much.


Jun 21, 2018 by

Hi, I’m Pegan.

Um what? The Internet is a strange place. It connects us all and allows us to share all types of new ideas and


Apr 30, 2018 by

How Much Sugar is in Your Kombucha?

The story. Health-Ade Kombucha is being sued for the second time within one month over the amount of sugar in


Mar 20, 2018 by

Your Bone Broth Protein Powder Just Got Some Serious Funding

The story. If your ear is to the ground in the paleo or whole foods world, you’ve probably heard of Ancient


Jan 23, 2018 by

When the Government Decides How You Can Squat

Some background.  For decades, the federal government has played fast and loose with the facts on nutrition

Athlete Features

Jan 22, 2018 by

Letter to My Younger Self

Dear Fifteen-Year-Old Kenzie, Get out of the water. Press pause on the endless laps of 400s for a second. We


Dec 4, 2017 by

History of the Sweet Potato

Hello there. Most of you have probably eaten a sweet potato at least once in your life. And chances are


Nov 20, 2017 by

Diet Avocado Anyone?

The Avocado craze. I think it’s safe to say avocados are the modern muse of millennials. Never mind that


Feb 21, 2017 by

Can Coffee Boost Performance?

THE SCOOP Have you ever been sitting at your desk, about to leave for CrossFit after a long day, thinking that


Oct 19, 2016 by

What are Macros?

WHAT’S ALL THIS TALK ABOUT MACROS? You’ve probably heard people throw around the phrase “counting

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