I Tried Wild Health’s Precision Medicine Service – Here Are My Thoughts

August 10, 2023 by
Photo Credit: Wild Health
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“Elevate Your Athleticism.”

If you watched the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games this weekend, you most likely saw that phrase in an ad for Wild Health, a genetics-based Precision Medicine program run by a “bunch of CrossFitting physicians.”

But what does “elevate your athleticism” actually mean? What does it mean to level up with Wild Health as a CrossFitter?

I’m here to give you an inside look into what it’s like working with Wild Health and how they can not only help you elevate your athleticism and fitness, but optimize your overall health. 

Remind me: Wild Health takes a genetics-based approach to healthcare, combining your genetic blueprint, blood work, and lifestyle to help you reach optimal health.

For the last three months, I’ve been trying Wild Health’s personalized medicine service, and here’s my honest review.

My final thoughts: I walked away from my experience with Wild Health with a new perspective on not only fitness and athleticism, but my long-term health and overall wellbeing. 

Long-term health: I ended my last Wild Health article after receiving my genetic blueprint, a 50-page document that provided a comprehensive look at my overall health, including nutrition, exercise, and chronic disease risk. There were some things I expected to learn from this document – a breakdown of the best diet for my body and how I can optimize my fitness – but also things I wasn’t expecting: genetically-high cholesterol, a predisposition to Dementia, and a higher risk for heart disease.

  • Chronic and long-term health hasn’t really been on my mind. (I’ve been saving those conversations for 20 years down the road.) Having this behind-the-scenes look into my genetic makeup has helped me start to think about early prevention.

Overall wellness: Working with my health coach and physician, I now have reachable wellness goals that match my lifestyle. 

These goals range from small things, like eating more cruciferous vegetables, to larger things, like staying in tune with my dopamine levels and playing word games to keep my brain sharp.

One of my main worries going into Wild Health was that I would be forced to take on goals that didn’t fit within my lifestyle. It was clear that wasn’t the case from the first meeting with my health coach when she asked, “What do you hope to get out of this process?”

Fitness: My genetic blueprint gave me insight into how my body handles different types of exercise, as well as the right balance between workouts and rest. I’ve always been a regular gym-goer, but talking through my genetics with my physician put my workout schedule in a new light. 

  • My muscles recover on the slower side of things, so taking an extra day for recovery is necessary for my performance. 
  • Since implementing two rest days (with some light movement), I’ve felt more ready to attack workouts. And it’s removed some of the mental pressure to work out six to seven days a week. 

The bottom line: When I started my journey with Wild Health, I was unsure of how it would go. I wasn’t sure I wanted to “elevate my athleticism,” or that that was even an option for me – Wild Health seemed like a service built for the elite, not for an everyday CrossFitter like myself. 

I was, without a doubt, proved wrong. Because Wild Health practices personalized care, everything was tailored to my lifestyle and abilities; there was no pushing me to be fitter or follow a strict diet. My care team worked within my boundaries and set achievable goals based on my abilities and what I hoped to get out of the service.

Their tailored, accessible, and fully virtual health care service has allowed me to grow as an athlete and in health, while proving that everyone can benefit from personalized precision medicine.
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