Get an AED in Your CrossFit Box

July 19, 2018 by
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January 4th, 2016 started like any other day in any other CrossFit box. But at CrossFit Excess in Vandalia, OH 59-year-old Dale Cornett had just finished his workout and sat down. Seconds later he had a massive heart attack. Members of the gym called an ambulance and performed CPR until they arrived but Dale didn’t make it. 

What happened?

Doctors told his family that there was nothing they could have done, but the event brought attention to the need for AED machines in CrossFit gyms. Dale left behind a wife of 25 years and two children. People had called him an exercise enthusiast.” He took ballroom dancing with his wife and was a committed member of CrossFit Excess. All signs pointed to healthy. Until they didn’t.

That’s so sad.

One machine can save a life any day, during any WOD, at any box. However, many gyms can’t afford them. Now, in honor of Dale, CrossFit Excess hosts an AED fundraiser every year.

That’s a great cause.

In their first year, they raised enough money to purchase one AED machine for their gym and also to donate a second machine. Now, all funds go directly to getting AEDs in gyms that don’t have one and so far they’ve donated three in Dale’s name to gyms across Ohio.

On July 21st, they’re holding their 3rd annual AED fundraiser. This year they hope to raise enough to donate three AED to boxes this year. Each AED unit costs $1075.00 with the wall mount case costing $255.00. Accounting for shipping, the total for three AED sets comes to roughly $4,500.00. The three gyms that have received these AEDs, CrossFit Unashamed, Revival Fitness, and a non-profit fitness center in Cleveland, are also doing the Dale WOD and holding fundraisers.

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