On Saturday, June 30, a thirty-year-old man named Timmy Kinner walked into a birthday party for three-year-old and began stabbing people. Before he was taken into police custody, he had stabbed six people, three of them children between the ages of three and twelve. Ruya Kadir, the three-year-old birthday girl, did not survive the attack.

That’s terrible.

Horrible. The community came together to mourn the victims and support the survivors. One of these groups is Boise CrossFit who held a “WOD for Wylie” on Saturday, July 21st. They invited the entire community and lined up sponsors like Lululemon and made gift baskets to be raffled as well as prize money for best male and best female athletes. The day was set to be a great success.

And just like that…

About 40 to 60 people turned out. CrossFit Boise had suggested a donation of $10, but many people contributed more. “People were just throwing cash into this jar,” Boise CrossFit owner Andy Rosenbaum said. At 10:45 a.m., everyone crowded into another part of the gym to watch the finalists compete. During that 15-minute window, someone helped themselves to the donation jar.

No way!

That’s right. Someone stole the donations to a three-year-old stabbing victims family. CrossFit Boise filed a police report and let the public know that, despite being a felony, if the money was returned to the gym there would be no questions asked. They just want the cash back.

But no one returned the funds. Now, the community is rallying again. Rosenbaum said he has received countless donations and offers of help from his members, the surrounding businesses, and people that heard about the crime. A Max Giving page has been set up for Wod for Wylie.


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