Some background.

In 2017, Josh Young was mountain biking with a group of buddies in Buxton Mountain Bike Park when he crashed during his last track of the day. Josh had crossed over the railing, gone over his handlebars, and had been flung about 16 feet off the track. He couldn’t stand up or feel his legs.

It took medics over an hour to get down to Josh before he could be airlifted to the hospital. He fractured and dislocated his L1 vertebrae. When he left the hospital, Josh was a paraplegic.

A life restructured.

His then girlfriend, Kati, was pregnant with their daughter at the time of the crash. They were also in the middle of building a home. Once Josh got out of the hospital, just five weeks before Kati was due to deliver, they had to move in with Josh’s sister while they made wheelchair modifications to the home they were building.

They had their daughter. They finished their home. They got married as planned. There was just one thing left.


CrossFit Diamond Valley called him and told him if he wanted to come back to CrossFit they would back him 100%. So he did.

“He and his coach Nicky worked out how to adapt things to suit him and he started weekly sessions to build up some strength and slowly he got himself back into CrossFit,” Kati said.

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Josh adapted his workouts to accommodate his chair and he got right back into training just as he always had, even doing modified rope climbs while belted in.

And now, Josh is heading to Miami after qualifying to compete in an international CrossFit competition. Josh came in eighth place in the seated mens’ adaptive division of the Wodapalooza online qualifier and is the only Australian adaptive athlete to qualify.

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