Inclement weather has forced organizers of the Wodapalooza to cancel portions of day 3 competition, and postpone the remaining stages of competition. Heavy rain, winds, and sporadic lightning showed up Sunday morning, requiring all fans, staff, and athletes to evacuate the festival grounds and seek shelter in nearby hotels and businesses.

Shortly after 8:00 AM, all athletes and staff were notified that any competition prior to 11:00 AM had been effectively canceled due to weather, and that the remaining competition would be postponed 30 minutes to allow the rest of the competition to proceed as planned.

The Elite Individual, and Team divisions were unaffected by the cancellations, and both divisions will finish the competition as planned.

Wet floors and barbells pose increased risks for athletes and event organizers are taking athlete safety seriously.

“We have backup workouts already planned,” said Matt O’Keefe, president of loud and live.

Competition is scheduled to resume now at 12:59 PM for Elite Teams, and 1:47 PM for Elite Individuals.

For updates scheduling and competition, go to our Day 3 live blog. Push notifications will also be sent through the official Wodapalooza app and updates will be posted to the Wodapalooza social media channels.

Day 3 Heat Times

*NOTE: Heat times updated from a previous post. 

Event 6: Circus Act

Elite Men Heat 1: 10:47 AM PT/1:47 PM ET/6:47 PM GMT
Elite Men Heat 2: 10:57 AM PT/1:57 PM ET/6:57 PM GMT
Elite Men Heat 3: 11:07 AM PT/2:07 PM ET/7:07 PM GMT
Elite Women Heat 1: 11:17 AM PT/2:17 PM ET/7:17 PM GMT
Elite Women Heat 2: 11:27 AM PT/2:27 PM ET/7:27 PM GMT
Elite Women Heat 3: 11:37 AM PT/2:37 PM ET/7:37 PM GMT

Event 7: Robin

Elite Men Heat 1: 4:56 PM PT/7:56 PM ET/12:56 AM GMT +1 Day
Elite Women Heat 1:
 5:14 PM PT/8:14 PM ET/1:14 AM GMT + 1 Day
Elite Men Heat 2 (Top 20): 5:32 PM PT/8:32 PM ET/1:32 AM GMT + 1 Day
Elite Women Heat 2 (Top 20):
 5:50 PM PT/8:50 PM ET/1:50 AM GMT + 1 Day


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