“It was an ‘A’ performance:” Noah Ohlsen’s first shot at 19.2 goes well.

Mar 2, 2019 by

With a 796th place performance on 19.1, Noah Ohlsen knows he has his work cut out for him. No athlete has bounced back from a deficit this large to finish in the top 25 worldwide.

That’s not going to change how the ever-positive Ohlsen approaches the rest of the Open.

After 19.2 was announced as a repeat of 16.2, Ohlsen knew what he had to do: “just gotta crush it, nothing else to it!”

Ohlsen won the Open in 2016 and he was 9th worldwide on 16.2 with a time of 18:55, one of only 34 male athletes to finish the event at all. Now, three years later, Ohlsen is ready to take it on again.

Here’s Noah Ohlsen finishing up 16.2.

“My skills are about the same and if anything, I’m a bit stronger and better with the barbell,” Ohlsen said.

After giving 19.2 a shot on Friday morning, he’s happy with the baseline score he’s got and looking forward to improving on Monday. Given the high profile nature of top athletes’ Open performances, Morning Chalk Up isn’t publishing his score, but Ohlsen did say this:

“I’d say it was about an A performance. [I’m] gonna make some tweaks and go for an A+ Monday!”


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