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Why Lukas Esslinger is Getting the Italian Invite

Apr 29, 2019 by

The CrossFit Italian Showdown wrapped up last weekend in Milan, Italy. Roman Khrennikov and Erin Vandendriessche won the elite division. While Vandendriessche will receive the invite for the women’s competition, things are not so straightforward for the men. 

  • The top 5 at CrossFit Italian Showdown: 1). Roman Khrennikov, 2). Scott Panchik, 3). Noah Ohlsen, 4). Lukas Esslinger and 5). Stefano Carosso. 

Why this is so complicated: There are 15 Sanctionals and athletes are competing at multiple Sanctionals. Coupled with qualification scenarios from the Open and athletes declining invites to go team and we’ve got quite a few balls up in the air right now. 

While CrossFit Games posted that as of right now, Noah Ohlsen is officially getting the invite from the Italian Showdown, it probably won’t play out that way. Here’s why:

  • Roman Khrennikov is already getting an invite from his fifth place finish at the Dubai CrossFit Championship. While Khrennikov didn’t qualify through the Open, his finish in Dubai is good enough for an invite because the four athletes above him on the leaderboard (Fraser, Gudmundsson, Georges, and Mayer) all qualified through the Open. 
  • Khrennikov’s fifth place at Dubai trumps winning in Italy. This is outlined specifically in section 4.04 of the rulebook: the backfill process “will follow the chronological sequence of the Sanctionals. For example, if an athlete wins multiple Sanctionals, CrossFit Inc. will backfill to the second-place athlete from the second Sanctionals win, not the first.” Don’t think of it in terms of “winning” but rather, from which Sanctional did the athlete first receive the invite.
  • Scott Panchik qualified through the CrossFit Open so he’s all set. 
  • Noah Ohlsen is (fingers crossed) now getting an invite for his third place finish at Wodapalooza. With Devin Ford declining his invite and assuming that Rich Froning also declines, which is a very good assumption, then Patrick Vellner will sneak in opening the Wodapalooza spot for Ohlsen. 
  • That leaves Lukas Esslinger as the next athlete without an invite. 

And there you have it. 

CrossFit Italian Showdown

Lukas Esslinger | Noah Ohlsen | Roman Khrennikov | Scott Panchik

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