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Mayhem Independence to Remain in Competition

Jun 30, 2019 by

Mayhem Independence’s eligibility to compete was called into question early Friday morning upon the announcement that teammate Elly Kabboord had received a sanction from CrossFit HQ and four-year competition ban. 

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Independence qualified using Kabboord’s score, which was submitted after the May 4th positive test. Mayhem was unaware of the positive test until well after the score was submitted.

In speaking with event director Daniel Chaffey after the ruling, he made it clear that French Throwdown would send the best team from this competition and didn’t feel that this should disqualify them from competition.

CrossFit HQ confirmed that they would accept Mayhem if they win the event.

Mayhem Independence and Invictus Boston have been battling back and forth all weekend. After Boston’s back-to-back wins on Event 8A and B, they’ve pulled 86 points ahead of Independence. As there are only five teams competing in the final event, even if Independence wins and Boston were to take fifth, there aren’t enough points remaining for Independence to win.


CrossFit French Throwdown

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