In just a little more than two weeks, the 2019 CrossFit Games kicks off. More than 300 individual athletes are heading to Madison, WI and here are a few big lifts from their training.

1. Colleen Fotsch’s 100 pound dumbbell snatch.

2. Bronislaw Olenkowicz’s 308 pound snatch double.

3. Sean Sweeney’s 500 pound deadlift double.

4. Mia Akerlund’s 286 pound split jerk.

5. Annnnnnnd then her 242 pound hang clean triple.

6. Simona Quintana Silva’s 142 unbroken overhead squats.

7. McKenzie Flinchum’s 265 pound split jerk.

8. Amanda Barnhart’s 200 pound snatch.

9. Laura Horvath’s 395 pound deadlift double.

10. Jacob Heppner’s 330 pound jerk complex.

CrossFit Games

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