Meet the Next Generation of CrossFit Athletes: Kelsey Schulte

July 16, 2019 by
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Schulte, who was competing on an RX team in the Sacramento licensed event, quickly made friends with Emmily Butz, longtime girlfriend of Sean Sweeney and also winner of the individual female RX division. It was then that she got invited to come train with Sweeney, Butz and two dozen other athletes at a training camp. 

A week later she made the five hour drive east to Fallon, NV. 

Schulte stands a paltry five foot, two inches and she can’t weigh more than 125 pounds, but the 16-year-old athlete boasts a 195 pound clean. She can also stand toe-to-toe with veteran athletes in high skill, high strength workouts, hammering out large sets of strict deficit handstand push-ups and handstand walks. 

Schulte, who missed qualifying from the Games’ 16-17 division by 15 spots, represents the next generation of CrossFit athletes who’ve transitioned from traditional sports to full time competitive CrossFit. 

Morning Chalk Up’s editor-in-chief sat down at CrossFit Powerstroke for an interview to discuss competitive CrossFit as a teenager, body image and confidence as a strong teenage female and training with a CrossFit Games athlete. 

“Once I got into Freshman and Sophomore year I’ve really developed my arms, my legs. When I’m walking through classes people notice. It’s different to see, especially to see girls with muscles…I’ve had a bunch of people say ‘you look like a man’, ‘why are you doing this?’ ‘You don’t look like a female anymore.’ I don’t look at that to be discouraging. I find that to be motivation to me. This is a compliment to me…I’m sorry if that’s not the look you want, but this is my passion.”

Fast Facts on Kelsey Schulte:

  • Snatch: 160
  • Clean and Jerk: 185
  • Clean: 195
  • Back Sqaut: 220
  • Deadlift: 255
  • Cindy: 25 Rounds
  • Diane: 7:42
  • Fran: 2:59
  • Jackie: 8:57
  • Annie: 7:10

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