My Take: Could Thursday’s Workout of the Day be Event 1?

Jul 31, 2019 by

When CrossFit HQ released’s workout of the day, the Internet CrossFit community began speculating whether it was actually Event 1. 

4 Rounds for Time:
400m run
3 legless rope climbs
7 snatches (185/125)

“That WOD could separate the field in one event,” Brandon Brooks wrote on’s comment section.

“Individual event one?!” Jason Rhodes asked CrossFit’s Twitter account.

The workout immediately stood out to me as the perfect combination of skill and strength. 

Here’s why I think this might not be the craziest possibility: In recent weeks, Dave Castro has been showcasing his workouts of the day, explaining how he’d program the WOD for an affiliate then how he’d adjust for a Games event. Here’s one of several posts in recent weeks. 

  • Using the main site WOD as event 1 would be a meaningful nod to CrossFit’s affiliate roots.
  • Greg Glassman, when outlining changes to the Games after last season, repeatedly made it clear that CrossFit would renew focus on training and affiliates. 
  •’s programming has reflected a more inclusive direction, demonstrating how infinitely scalable workouts can be for everyone from the elderly to elite athletes. 
  • Using a main site workout would be a perfect way to demonstrate that scalability. 
  • Castro could decide to supersize this workout, adding a few extra pounds to the snatch to really separate the field. 

We could be reading into this a little too much, but it seems plausible.

Event 1 starts at 11:30 AM Central and you can watch it live on YouTube.

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