Day 3 Preview

August 2, 2019 by
Photo Credit: Patrick Clark // Athletes Eye
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Tabs you’ll want to keep open on your browser Saturday.

A few highlights from last night:

  • Noah Ohlsen won his first ever CrossFit Games event. The milestone finally comes in his sixth CrossFit Games appearance and we caught his reaction on film. He edged out Mathew Fraser by two reps in event 5 “Mary.”
  • Fraser with subtle dig at the post event presser…”That was about as in [Ohlsen’s] wheelhouse as it could be.” 
  • Kari Pearce completed 695 reps in event 5’s AMRAP, that breaks down to 1 rep every 1.72 seconds.
  • Sigmundsdottir’s still alive. She just squeaked in under the top 20 cut line. “Time to turn on the BEASTMODE” she posted to Instagram.

Current Standings

  1. Noah Ohlsen (409) | Tia-Clair Toomey (431) | Mayhem Freedom (465)
  2. Mathew Fraser (404) | Kari Pearce (419) | CrossFit Krypton (374)
  3. Jacob Heppner (364) | Kristin Holte (416) | Invictus (339)
  4. Scott Panchik (355) | Jamie Greene (391) | OC3 Black (318)
  5. Adrian Mundwiler (332) | Anna Fragkou (355) | Central Beasts (311)
  6. James Newbury (328) | Amanda Barnhart (346) | Invictus X (290)
  7. Will Moorad (325) | Brooke Wells (346) | Don’t Stop (255)
  8. BK Gudmundsson (323) | Bethany Shadburne (344) | PRO 1 (234)
  9. Matt Mcleod (316) | Haley Adams (336) | CrossFit Alioth (227)
  10. Patrick Vellner (312) | Annie Thorisdottir (330) | Team JST Compete (220)

How tomorrow might play out:

  • The cut to 10 athletes is coming after the first event on Saturday.
  • There appear to be three events scheduled: two outside and one inside the coliseum. That would put us on track for 11 or 12 total events, the lowest there’s been since 2013.
  • But get this: the final time slot of the day is 1 hour, 15 minutes for each division. This makes it seem more likely that we’re going to see a multi-part scored event opportunity.

Do the math: The point-per-placement spread widens to five. 

  • First place still gets 100 points but drops by five points every placement down. 
  • Right now, there are only 71 points separating 10th and 20th on the female side, and 66 points on the men. The 5-point delta will help athletes make up some ground if they’re able to convert an event win; it’s also going to create a much larger separation at the bottom.

Event 6
For time:
Sprint through the course
Athletes will race in heats of 5 for a 3-round bracketed tournament.
The first round will have 4 heats, the second round will have 2 heats, and five athletes will advance to the final round.
Places 1-5 will be awarded to the athletes in the final round, based on their finishing order. Places 6-10 will be awarded to the athletes from the second round, based on their times. Places 11-20 will be awarded to the remaining athletes based on the time it takes them to complete the course in the first round.

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