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Speegle Shaken Up After Car Accident in Colorado

Jan 8, 2020 by

CrossFit Games athlete Dani Speegle was involved in a car accident Tuesday evening near Tabernash, Colorado. Speegle lost control of her vehicle on a snow-covered mountain road causing the vehicle to slide off the road and down into a ditch. The driver’s side of the vehicle hit trees and came to a stop when a tree halted its descent. The driver’s side door was pinned against Speegle and the window shattered as she waited for help.

Speegle said in a statement: “I’m okay, no lasting injuries. Just banged up a bit and sore from the impact. Just happy to be here. If I had done the same thing just 30 seconds more up the road, I would’ve gone off the legit side of the mountain. I don’t know if I would’ve survived that fall so, I’m just happy I’m here today.”

  • Speegle would go on to say that she was checked for a possible concussion, and she and her team are taking all the necessary precautions to make sure she has no lingering effects of the accident.
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Why she’s in Colorado: Speegle is in Colorado for a winter collection photo shoot with fellow Born Primitive brand ambassadors Scott Panchik, Bethany Shadburne, Amanda Barnhart, Alison Scudds and Josie Hamming.

  • Speegle’s team and friends were able to help her out of the vehicle with no further injury. She was thankful for them as well as all the fans who have reached out to her since the accident.
  • “I meant it when I told people to hug their loved ones a little tighter today,” said Speegle. “Things happen so fast.”


Dani Speegle

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