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Breaking: Potential Early Release For The Fittest Documentary

Mar 17, 2020 by

Some good news just came down the pipe for members of the CrossFit community currently in quarantine due to the COVID-19.

The Morning Chalk Up has just learned that the distributor for the long-awaited documentary The Fittest has agreed to release the film early on iTunes and AppleTV after it was originally scheduled to be released on April 7.

Ok, what’s the catch: In order for the film to be released early by the distributor, the film needs to meet a certain threshold of pre-order sales to account for the adjustment in schedule.

  • Roughly 9,000 more pre-orders are needed in order to meet the threshold designated by the film’s distributor and give the CrossFit community something to help ease the transition into quarantine and shelter in place orders that are being put into effect across the globe.

Even better, they’ve lowered the pre-order price of the movie as part of a special sale, dropping the price from $12.99 to $6.99 for the time being. So even if an earlier release date wasn’t enough, a reduction in price certainly sweetens the pot.

  • After seeing the film during a special screening at Wodapalooza, we’ve put together a Viewer’s Guide (to be published at the Morning Chalk Up along with the film’s release).

Why this matters: The world is in a very weird place right now. For members of the CrossFit community, our affiliates and training has often been a therapeutic safe haven, serving as a source of balance and health in our lives. The same can be said about sports in general for the broader population, as it can be a nice distraction from the current state of affairs.

With essentially every sports season on hold and most affiliates closed for the foreseeable future, an early release of the film at almost a 50% discount would be a win in our books.

Let’s do this: You can pre-order the film via iTunes here.


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