Coronavirus Map: Tracking CrossFit Affiliate Closures Worldwide

March 29, 2020 by
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Editor’s Note: This post has been updated based on data collected as of Friday, April 17. We will be updating this chart weekly as new information is obtained.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused widespread closures of CrossFit affiliates across the globe. With 14,790 locations, CrossFit is the largest chain of fitness locations in the world. The following counts were tabulated through self-reporting by affiliates as well as government-mandated closures of all non-essential businesses.

Confirmed Affiliate Closures Worldwide

Top 10 Countries by Closures

  • United States – 6,671
  • Brazil – 1066
  • Italy – 701
  • United Kingdom – 624

  • France – 581
  • Australia – 544
  • Spain – 520
  • Canada – 397
  • Germany – 358
  • Netherlands – 264

Top Line Stats

  • 14,790 total CrossFit affiliates globally. 
  • 13,163 closures as of Friday, April 17.
  • That represents 88.99% of all gyms closed globally. 
  • 6,671 total closures in the United States, or 96% of the 6915 affiliates. 

The following countries have closed all gyms. If there are additional countries mandating gym closures, please send us a link.

The United States

With 6915 locations, the United States has the largest concentration of affiliates worldwide and represents a disproportionate amount of closures due to statewide closures of all but non-essential businesses. 

  • Currently, 96% of all locations in the United States are closed.

If your affiliate is closed, please let us know by filling out this form

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