Glassman Hosting Zoom Discussion Groups with Affiliate Owners

April 13, 2020 by
Photo credit: Paul Baughman @lakesidepaul
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CrossFit founder Greg Glassman hosted another Zoom video chat with a select group of US affiliate owners for a Zoom video chat on the current state of affairs on April 10. CrossFit’s founder has been hosting these video chats since at least the third week of March. During the hour-plus-long open forum on Friday morning, Glassman, as well as a handful of CFHQ staff members, asked and answered questions from the affiliate owners.

Setting the scene: The Zoom chat room featured twenty attendees including Glassman, Director of Affiliate Relations Kathy Glassman, Executive Director of Media Sevan Matossian, Executive Director of Training and Certification Nicole Carroll as well as a doctor that represented CrossFit Health.

Key points highlighted from the meeting according to two owners on the call:

  • Glassman wanted to check the pulse of the affiliate community, including how they were handling the current situation in terms of members and membership. Glassman asked what creative ways affiliates were keeping members engaged while providing value.
  • Focusing on the community that each affiliate fostered has always been the key to success, especially during these current and uncertain times. He stated just like CrossFit’s core system, all affiliates seem to be doing things similar but with their own twist. Community, though, is the prevalent focus.
  • The communities in quarantine should take advantage of their time by moving their bodies multiple times a day but at a lower intensity and volume.
  • All affiliates and their coaches should be sharing their fitness knowledge not just with their members but to those outside the community who are struggling to stay active during these times. Michael Martinez, the owner of CrossFit Optimistic, is one of many affiliate owners who have been doing this since the pandemic reached US soil. He goes live on his public Facebook page daily where he and his wife and gym manager, Angelina, discuss fitness, how to stay motivated and other topics.

The takeaways: Both Michael Martinez of CrossFit Optimistic and Paul Baughman of Powell CrossFit offered what they took from the discussion group, each painting a positive picture for the future of CrossFit and its affiliates.

  • Michael Martinez: “I can’t speak for everyone, but the takeaways from my perspective [are] that we are very apprehensive, maybe a bit scared but we are very positive, staying the course and looking for new creative ways to keep our communities engaged. I felt a sense of pride hearing the other box owners have the courage to keep driving on despite not knowing what next week will look like. I also felt proud that, in general, our CrossFit athletes have the wellness and fortitude to fight through any illness. Corona or otherwise. One Team.”
  • Paul Baughman: “My takeaway is that CrossFit HQ is focused on its affiliate’s success. Having a small number of randomly selected affiliate owners join him (Glassman) to discuss our issues. Everything I heard from Coach Glassman and CrossFit HQ was all very refreshing and encouraging, affiliate owners should take some comfort knowing HQ is actively trying to help us through this, and more so to bounce back when it’s all done.”

The big picture: This is an uncertain time for CrossFit affiliate owners. Ninety-six percent of U.S. affiliates are currently closed without a clear picture when this moratorium will be lifted.

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